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business bloopersEmbrace your mistakes? Why on earth would you want to do that? Well, not doing so could be costly. Experts say fear of failure can stop you building a successful business. You need to get used to blunders and setbacks if you’re to get past the point where most would-be entrepreneurs quit. Also, embracing your business bloopers can catapult your wisdom.

Fear of failure results in disaster

According to business start-up expert Philip Strothmann, “a fear of failure may be hampering entrepreneurship.” He believes many businesses can’t get off the ground because people are too scared of making mistakes. Rather than risk appearing foolish, they stay in their comfort zones and never discover whether they can be successful.

Entrepreneurs who start businesses often play it safe and don’t get far. Their competitors, who are less afraid of making gaffes, surpass their performance because taking risks sometimes leads to gains. The odds of making a success increases the more mistakes you embrace since you learn from your blunders. An error-free business doesn’t stand much chance of growing.fear of failure

How to embrace business bloopers

Look at mistakes from a positive perspective and you’ll get more out of them. When you don’t achieve the results you want, you’ll know better next time. Each error is a step toward success because it’s an opportunity to know something important you were ignorant of previously. An openness to accept mistakes can take you toward achievement.

Business Etiquette Expert and author Jacqueline Whitmore suggests how to keep the fear of failure from holding you back. One idea is to develop a growth mindset. She mentions that after business blunders, you should “take that new knowledge and put it to good use. When you make a mistake, reflect, learn and try again.”

Whitmore explains it’s necessary to approach setbacks with an open mind. You might do the right thing at the wrong time, or need to view how to achieve goals from a new angle rather than quit trying. You can also contemplate your ideas with an adviser and drop negative self-talk that holds you back.

No one enjoys making mistakes, but embracing your business bloopers can aid success. See them as lessons about how to get things right in the future and you’ll move forward.learn from mistakes

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