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Transwest The world of RVing is unlike any other. Many other industries exist purely out of need, but the world of RVing is unique because our business is fueled by wants, wishes, and lifelong dreams. The RV industry has a warm and welcoming spirit that enraptures anyone who is lucky enough to join. Tons of people in the RV industry have wildly different backgrounds, but we all seem to have one thing in common: Once we get a taste of the RV life, we never turn back. Transwest Truck, Trailer, & RV has 23 locations in the US and Canada offering cars, SUVs, light duty trucks, vans, buses, haulers, commercial trailers, and livestock trailers. And an impressive 4 Transwest dealerships specialize in recreational vehicles. While the rest of their varied inventory is largely driven by need, their numerous RV dealerships thrive on the pure passion for adventure.

TranswestBobbie Jackson, F&I Manager with Transwest Truck, Trailer, & RV, didn’t start her career in the RV industry. She actually used to work in dental management; a far cry from RVs, vacations, and the outdoors. However, 11 years ago when Bobbie was given the opportunity to join Transwest, she took that leap into the RV industry and never looked back. Bobbie says she accepted this new venture because she knew “the owners are fair and good people. And Transwest has a great reputation.” And it’s because of their excellent reputation that Transwest Truck, Trailer, & RV was just recently selected to join Daimler Trucks North America’s network of Elite Support Certified dealers. This high honor for Daimler dealerships requires constant vigilance and continual improvements in order to enhance customer service and the overall customer experience. Transwest Truck, Trailer, & RV seeks to provide superior customer service and with Bobbie’s help, they clearly deliver.

Like many other hardworking people in the RV industry, Bobbie diligently worked her way up. She initially began as a photographer, advanced to selling trailers, and now she’s been working in finance for 6 years. Since then, Bobbie has had countless customers thank her for selling them Coach-Net because of “the ease of use and the high level of customer service they receive.” Bobbie offers her customers multiple Coach-Net products: 24/7 Protect (Roadside Assistance), Hazard Protect (Tire & Wheel Protection), and RV Protect (Service Contract). Since our products are designed to build on top of each other, Bobbie uses Coach-Net’s products to provide for practically all of her customer’s foreseeable needs. According to Bobbie, “The biggest value to me and Transwest is that our customers are taken care of. Quite honestly, I have not had more than 3 calls after the sale in 6 years – and they were very minor issues.”

Bobbie attests that Transwest’s success is built on three principles: 1) Customer Service, 2) Cleanliness & Organization, and 3) Loyalty & Dedication of Both Employees & Customers. It’s simple; if you focus on the first two, the third principle will inherently follow. Bobbie and the rest of Transwest’s team understand that customer service does not end when the customer leaves the lot; it’s just the beginning. That’s why Bobbie is so dedicated to making sure her customers leave with a trusted and reliable service contract. “Coach-Net truly has the best prices and you will not be fighting them to pay claims” which translates to happy customers. And that’s the whole point – to help the customer enjoy the adventure. That’s why Bobbie encourages her customers to “always consider a service contract and roadside assistance. You will be thankful; it will pay for itself!”

Bobbie and her husband are extremely proud of their two sons who are attending college on rodeo scholarships.  They have a horse trailer with living quarters, but like everyone else who loves the buzz of the RV lifestyle, they hope to eventually become RV owners themselves. Bobbie and her husband love the idea of having no set schedule, taking advantage of the best sightseeing the world has to offer, and simply enjoying time together. And when it comes time for Bobbie to pursue her own passion for adventure, she’s going to do exactly what she tells her customers every day: “Enjoy!”

Thank you, Bobbie, for partnering with Coach-Net to help fulfill your customers’ lifelong wishes and dreams. Thank you, and everyone else at Transwest Truck, Trailer, & RV, for being your customer’s connection to carefree RVing.


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