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social sellingAs a business owner, you already know that social media outlets are great places to conduct outreach and market research, but direct selling on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be a bit trickier.

Social media users are savvier than most, and they know when they are being marketed to. Those modern users often resent the hard sell, and making your efforts to overt could end up backfiring.

The good news is there are ways to market your business on social media without resorting to hard-sell tactics or risking the brand image you have worked so hard to cultivate. Here are 10 social selling tips you can use to build your brand, enhance your image and boost your profits.

  1. Show off your expertise. If you expect people to buy from you, they need to trust you first. Use every opportunity to showcase your expertise across all your social media platforms and presences.
  2. Create a powerful profile. From LinkedIn and Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, your profiles should be professional and brand conscious.
  3. Use your social media to build and enhance your brand. Your social media sites are an integral part of your brand, and everything you post is part of your branding strategy.
  4. Participate in relevant discussions. Whenever you are on social media, you should be monitoring the conversations and looking for ways to engage and reach your customers.
  5. Keep your sales efforts subtle. The hard sell will do you no good, so keep your efforts subtle and leave them below the surface. If you do your job right, the customers will come to you.
  6. Encourage prospects to contact you. Make it easy for interested prospects to reach out to you, and always be ready engage with those contacts.
  7. Track your results. The internet makes it easy to track your social selling results, so test continuously and build on what works. Continuous testing is the hallmark of marketing success, on social media and everywhere else.
  8. Build on your successes. Once you know what works, you can build on those successes and look for ways to make them even better. Building on your successes also allows you to cut loose the strategies that have not been working.
  9. Provide real value. Above all, you should always strive to provide real value for your social media contacts. Whether they are still prospects or already buyers, you need to provide them with true value every step along the way.
  10. Stay abreast of the changes. The world of social media is always changing, and that means your social selling policy needs to evolve as well. Keep up with the changes and be ready to create new profiles, make changes to existing ones and engage with prospects in creative ways.

Social media provides an interesting platform for business owners, one that can make selling both easier and more effective. Whether you are new to the world of social media or an old pro, there are things you can do to enhance your social selling efforts and get more out of your time online. The 10 tips listed above can get you started and help you boost your social selling success.

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