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lead generationNot all facets of lead generation are particularly complex. In fact, there some incredibly simple lead generation tactics that many business owners use on a regular basis.  These three easy tips could get you thinking about lead generation in a whole new light.

Use Your Influencers

One of your most powerful assets with respect to generating perpetual leads lies in having loyal influencers, those who feel so strongly about your product that they will promote it for you on the social media platform of their choosing. First and foremost, this amounts to free third-party representation. Consumer testimonials are extremely influential when it comes to converting leads, let alone generating them. Reach out to your influencers personally and offer to send traffic their way in exchange for promoting your product. Before releasing the details of an amazing promotion that you plan to run, ask your influencers to build the buzz. In all likelihood, they will be more than happy to help, especially if you provide them with exclusive offers.

Don’t Ignore the Stats

Many web hosts afford you information about which of your posts has performed the best. If you do enough digging, you can figure out why they performed as well as they did. Typically, posts that you promote within a few weeks of their release date enjoy more organic page views their more spontaneous counterparts. Were there certain keywords that you used in a post that did particularly well, keywords that you might consider using to build your SEO web? Hosts such as HubSpot can provide you with a vast array of metrics that can afford you insight as to what has worked in the past as well as what will get you more page views in the future.

Take Your Business With You

Bringing your business with you allows you to affect moments that could improve your bottom line, even if that means carrying business cards around with you. Making connections with people who could become influencers often happens by chance. Stay on your toes.  Look for opportunities to mention your business, such as the first indication that a friend of the family has a problem that your product or service can solve. Maybe you can cut them a deal and ask them to spread the word. Writers are always on the lookout for opportunities to use their talents. Perhaps they have a following that falls in line with your target audience.

Lead generation is not always easy. At the very least, however, certain facets of it can be incredibly simple and influential. These three simple lead generation tips should get you started.

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