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White Sands RV“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” It’s widely disputed who originated that statement, but the truth of that claim is undisputed. You can be the smartest person in the industry or the most knowledgeable person in the entire field, but if you don’t care, your customers won’t either. That’s what customer service is about. Knowledge without action is worthless. If you don’t give all that you have to make sure your customers receive your very best, then you simply won’t have any customers. White Sands RV in Summerdale, Alabama knows this truism and they take it to heart; frankly, because they genuinely have big hearts. Everyone at White Sands RV cares, and it shows.

White Sands RVIn general, the people you typically care most about are your family; and that’s one of White Sands RV’s pillars of success: Family. Amanda Stuckey has been the Finance Manager at White Sands RV for five years and family has always been her focus. Prior to working in the RV industry, Amanda focused on her family by raising and caring for her sweet children. And it was her love and devotion to family that brought her to White Sands RV. Amanda’s brother and sister-in-law, Donnie & Erica Stuckey, own and operate White Sands RV. Not many people can successfully and happily work alongside their family, but Donnie & Erica lead their dealership family by example. Amanda’s drive and determination to do everything with absolute care is fueled by her love for her family; she sees how hard they work to take care of their employees and customers, and she is consistently inspired to do the same. I have seen firsthand Amanda’s devotion to the dealership and her family; and her passion to perform is obviously driven by how much she cares for them. This standard of care has been clearly set by Donnie and Erica, it has extended with Amanda, and it continues to grow the company. After working with so many of their other employees, I can attest that this commitment to caring and treating everyone like family has visibly spread to everyone else at the dealership. It sounds simple, but the actual practice of caring requires that you go far beyond what most people would be willing to deliver.

White Sands RV’s family-focused work environment is one major reason Amanda is successful at providing incredible customer service. They are committed to the customer before, during, and even after the sale. They understand that knowledge and pricing are both very important factors of a successful dealership, which is why they continually work to learn and adapt as the industry grows while providing the most competitive pricing possible. However, they also understand that selling RVs isn’t just about having the lowest price; and it isn’t just about having someone who’s been working in the industry their entire lives and can claim that they know absolutely everything there is to know about RVing. When you sell someone an RV you aren’t just selling them your knowledge and they’re not just buying because you have the cheapest prices. People do business with people they like; and customers are loyal to people who provide superior customer service. And when a dealership like White Sands RV combines competitive pricing and expert knowledge with steadfast dedication to excellent customer service, you create a guaranteed formula for success.

Caring about customers, and caring about your employees, should be of the utmost importance to any successful business. That is why White Sands RV offers multiple finance products via Coach-Net; they want their customers to be completely cared for. Amanda takes comfort in knowing that if her customer gets a flat tire in their RV, through their Coach-Net Hazard Protect Tire & Wheel protection and 24/7 Protect Roadside Assistance, their tire replacement and service call will be paid for in full without any deductible. Amanda loves that by offering her customers Coach-Net she is also offering them “true peace of mind knowing that Coach-Net will treat [her] customers with the same caring customer service White Sands RV would give.” And that is just one reason why Amanda and White Sands RV is so special Coach-Net. We’re in the business of caring and so are they. Thank you, Amanda for choosing Coach-Net as your partner in providing caring service for your customers. Thank you, White Sands RV, for being your customer’s connection to carefree RVing.

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