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the art of upsellsWould you like fries with that? This was the genius line rolled out by McDonald’s in the ’70s as a tool for their employees to serve more product to customers already in the store. It was an art of upselling that has been practiced in every business since. It should be used in your business too. It’s easy to implement the same idea into your daily routine. Here’s all you need to know about the art of upsells.


Demographics are important for determining a slew of important information. But, how do you know how your customers feel? How do you know what drives them to purchase one item over another? This is where psychographics come in.  When you’re able to connect with your customers on an emotional level, you’ll be better able to determine their needs. With the right psychographics, you will be able to fill a need your customer may not realize they have.


No matter how much you know about a customer and what they want, you must approach any sale with a positive attitude. You customer won’t respond well to a brash or overzealous sales person. In fact, that kind of encounter could turn the customer away for good.  In turn, being too timid or unsure will have the same affect.  Once your customer has dismissed your ability, you can forget about an upsell.

Product Knowledge

Knowing what you’re selling gives you the confidence to effectively communicate. With proper product knowledge, your customer will know they can come to you with any question and get an accurate answer. This process builds several layers of trust between you and your customer. With that layer of trust firmly set, you’ll be better suited to move onto upgrades or even bundling products.

Service with a Smile

When it comes to upsells, the old adage: “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it,” rings true. Whether you’re on the phone or looking your customer in the eye, smiling while you talk is important. Believe it or not, a smile can be felt over the phone. With a smile in your voice, you convey your willingness to serve to even the most cynical customers.

So, would you like fries with that?

The art of ethical upselling is simple when you apply these tools. You must know what drives your customer’s purchases before you can market your product. Having the proper attitude toward selling sets the stage for many upsells later on. And, if you know what you’re selling and how it will fill your customer’s needs, rest will fall into place.

With a foundation of trust in both products and service, your customers will remain loyal. And in today’s world, a little loyalty goes a long way.

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