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Alpin HausWhen you mention New York, most frequently people instantly imagine places like Manhattan or Long Island. They hear the words New York and their minds are flooded with images of mountainous buildings stretching high piercing the clouds, strangers crowded shoulder to shoulder like sardines on swarming subways, frantic car horns blaring, deafening booms bellowing from the urban construction sites, giant bus brakes singing when the light turns red, and thousands of people thunderously marching through the hectic life of the city. While the sights and sounds of the city are often the most projected features of the state, New York is predominantly pastoral. A vast majority of the state is covered in green meadows, winding rivers, and forest filled mountains; New York is an outdoor enthusiasts haven. Andy Heck of Alpin Haus has been fortunate enough to call this haven home.

Alpin Haus logoAlpin Haus is one of the largest RV dealerships in the nation and a commanding leader of the outdoor industry, but back in 1964 when Andy’s father opened their first store, Alpin Haus was just a small ski shop with only one full time employee. Since then Alpin Haus has grown to over 200 employees, with 5 business locations including 3 RV dealerships, 2 ski & pool stores, a boat and snowmobile dealership, and a fitness center. In the northeast, Alpin Haus is an easy go-to for outdoor recreation. Alpin Haus has everything from motorized RVs, travel trailers, toy haulers, fifth wheels, and pop-ups, to fishing boats, pontoons, bow riders, jet boats, jet skis, snowmobiles, ski and snowboarding gear, golf carts, and even pool and patio equipment. For anyone in the area wanting to take advantage of the natural beauty New York has to offer Alpin Haus is often their first stop. And due to their wide range of products and services, Alpin Haus is often the only stop they need to make before venturing into the great outdoors. Alpin Haus and its employees are the outdoor experts and that is why their customers rely on them to make sure they’re fully prepared wherever their adventures may take them.Alpin Haus dealership

Andy, along with his brother and sister, grew up working in the family business and are consequently well versed in the various needs and expectations of their customers. After years of experience and knowledge Andy claims that the success of Alpin Haus comes down to three key components: 1) Culture, 2) Commitment to Training & Improvement, and 3) Customer Satisfaction. Culture is the core of any company and the culture of Alpin Haus permeates everything they do. Simply put: they love the outdoors. Their company logo even includes the mountains and outdoor adventures they promote daily. This makes for an exciting environment for the employees and an equally authentic place where customers feel welcome.

The second key component to Alpin Haus’ success is their commitment to training and their continued drive for improvement. They don’t simply want to be the biggest; they want to be the best. And anyone who is the best, no matter their job or the industry, will no doubt agree that training and practice is vital. You never become the best by accident. The only way to become the best at anything is through hard work and repetition. That’s why Alpin Haus is so dedicated and focused on providing their employees with the tools necessary to succeed and that means continual training.Alpin Haus aerial

Finally, Andy insists that the cornerstone of Alpin Haus’s success is undoubtedly their commitment to customer satisfaction. Everything they do as a company builds to this apex: ensuring the customer is provided for and happy. And that’s why Alpin Haus partners with Coach-Net; we work together to safeguard customer satisfaction. Andy loves that their customers can be taken care of even after hours; their stores may be closed, but their customers have 24/7 access to help because Coach-Net is always open and waiting to take their calls. Andy says that he and his “customers have peace of mind” knowing that they have a lifeline whether they’re needing technical assistance with an RV component or if their truck suffers a flat tire on their way to a last-minute ski trip. Coach-Net provides a wide range of services that benefit members even when they are not traveling in their RV, which is why Andy and Alpin Haus work so hard to ensure that their staff is comprehensively trained on the vast benefits of Coach-Net’s 24/7 Protect Roadside Assistance Program. Andy and everyone else at Alpin Haus work hard every day to make sure that their customers are happy and satisfied, and as their partner, Coach-Net works hard to make sure that whether they’re in their RV or not, all of Alpin Haus’ outdoor customers are satisfied and safe. Thank you, Andy for choosing to partner with Coach-Net in your commitment to customer satisfaction. Thank you, Alpin Haus, for being your customer’s connection to carefree RVing.

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