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learn grow inspire“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John F. Kennedy.

One reason President Kennedy is remembered as a great leader is because he was continually looking to grow and learn. He understood that growth required change and engaging younger generations was necessary to the success of future business and the economy. Young employees are joining the workforce armed with fresh ideas, eager to play key roles in the advancement of our industry. Learning to combine new and innovative ideas with the timeless values of the RV industry can easily be perceived as challenging. On its face, you are essentially trying to meld change with tradition, but the solution is quite simple. Education. Established with the mission to advance the industry through education, service, and leadership, The RV Dealers Association is recognized as a respected advocate for RV retailers and the businesses that support them. Their annual convention is focused on education and networking, gathering thousands of people every fall to promote the industry and work together to support each other. Coach-Net regularly attends RVDA’s annual convention, and we are honored to say that the RV Dealer’s Association has endorsed Coach-Net as a trusted industry leader and service provider for over 10 years. And since its inception, Coach-Net has proudly sponsored RVDA’s Young Executives Networking Reception.networking

The Young Executives Program consists of training workshops and networking events specially designed for the younger generation of RVDA members. The Young Executives Program is a multi-day workshop intended to provide personalized development and innovative insight on how to cultivate their inherent qualities so that they may better connect with young consumers and advance as leaders within their company. Many young people have incredible ideas, but those ideas are often fruitless without the foundation of education. Education and training are the pillars of success for any business model and they are at the core of Coach-Net’s services.workshops

Coach-Net has been providing roadside assistance for RVs for over 30 years, and it is because of our extensive experience that we can attest we learn something new every day. That’s because RVs, much like our industry, are constantly changing. Manufacturers are continually creating new technologically advanced components and that means we must keep abreast of all the latest developments. Consequently, we make sure that all our employees receive annual training. New tools and techniques necessitate new training and even the most experienced person with the best reviews will always have areas on which they can improve. And establishing yourself as a respected leader within any company requires that you understand the various facets of your company, not just that which falls under your personal job description. An expert understands their job, but a leader will understand the jobs of everyone within their company. At Coach-Net we have learned that understanding the company and the responsibilities of the other departments and their employees, helps us to better perform our own individual jobs. From our extensive experience we know that education is key to fostering organic growth and developing individually as leaders within the company.

That’s why it’s so important for the young professionals to attend the Young Executives Program hosted by RVDA and the Young Executives Reception is an amazing opportunity for everyone to come together as an industry to celebrate their achievements and help foster their continued organic growth as leaders. RVDA is about coming together to support each other within the industry, and the Young Executives Reception is the perfect opportunity for everyone to contribute their individual knowledge and experience. This networking event affords young professionals the opportunity to educate themselves on the varied companies that comprise the RV industry and gain better understanding of the complex roles that each of us plays in the continued growth and success of the RV industry. RVDA’s Young Executives Networking Reception isn’t just something we sponsor; it’s something we choose to invest in because the Young Executives Program is all about education and training. And that is the core of our culture at Coach-Net.

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