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Reputation Management Customer complaints are an unavoidable part of business. While complaints from customers are usually regarded as a negative thing, they can actually create unique opportunities for your business to stand out in a positive way. Thanks to the rise of social media, this is especially true today, as fielding complaints from customers through places like Facebook and Twitter presents your business with the chance to resolve issues publicly and with a level of transparency that your current and potential customers will connect with. Here are four excellent benefits of resolving your business’ customer complaints using social media.

1) A Built-In Audience

Interacting with people through social media platforms, especially people who are unhappy with your business for some reason or another, makes your business highly visible to hundreds or even thousands of potential onlookers. When a customer posts a public message to your social media profile, their followers will be able to see it and follow along as the interaction unfolds. Your followers will be able to watch as well. This creates an eager audience that is ready to see how you handle the complaint, which gives your business the chance to do the right thing and build loyalty among your followers, as well as those of the person who posted the complaint. Clearly, this method of handling complaints gives your business more opportunity for growth than dealing with them in a more private setting, such as an email or a phone call.

2) Turn A Negative Experience Into A Positive One

Negative to PositiveWhen you’re able to fix a problem for a customer through social media, that customer is likely to share their positive experience with their followers. As you build up these types of interactions with your customers over time, you’ll notice a steady increase in brand evangelism across your entire customer base. Only social media makes this possible for your business, so it’s important that you utilize it properly as you field issues and concerns from your followers.

3) Attract More Return Customers

Just because someone has had a negative experience with your business doesn’t mean you can’t still keep them as a long-term customer. When you respond to these people quickly and thoughtfully through social media, you make them feel confident that although you made a mistake, you can still be trusted to do the right thing. This takes a situation that could have resulted in the loss of a customer to a competitor and makes them even more loyal to your brand than ever before.

4) Get Useful Feedback From Customers

FeedbackThe types of complaints that you receive from your customers through social media are the same ones that many companies pay huge amounts of money for in the form of focus groups. Real, honest feedback from everyday consumers on social media comes to you free of charge and also allows you to follow up with these consumers instantly. This gives your business highly targeted insight into how real people are perceiving your products, services and brand.

By handling problems for your customers over social media, you open up a world of opportunities that are not available through more traditional customer service platforms such as email and phone. Excelling at managing and resolving complaints in such a public, transparent manner will improve brand loyalty, boost your social media presence and provide unique insight into how your customers think and feel.

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