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Finish Protect

The outdoors is infinitely dynamic. It’s exhilarating and peaceful all at the same time. I mean, what’s not to love about the outdoors? The rustling of fall leaves. The soothing stream of a babbling brook. The crisp wind refreshing your face. The blistering sun searing your sensitive skin. The smelly dog shaking his wet fur all over the inside of your beautiful RV while leaving a track of muddy paw prints following his most recent adventure into the outdoors. What’s not to love, right?

We love the outdoors, but we don’t necessarily love it when the outdoors leave a permanent mark on our RVs. And frankly, most people don’t think about protecting their RVs until after their carpets have already become victim to wet, muddy dogs, or their decals have been burnt and peeled by the fiery sun.

At Coach-Net, our mission is to be your customer’s connection to carefree RVing. We take care of you, by taking care of your customers and ensuring they have a great experience in their RV. We worry about how to protect them so that they can simply relax and enjoy their time together. That’s why we are excited to announce our newest way to help protect your customers, and more specifically their investment. Coach-Net Finish Protect is new and improved to help protect your RV like never before. Uniquely designed to protect both the exterior and interior of the RV, your customer can now have absolute peace of mind knowing that their RV is thoroughly protected both inside and out.

Exterior Protection

Coach-Net Finish Protect’s Exterior Protection provides thorough coverage for the outside of your RV defending it from the most damaging elements. Powered by NanoCure® with NanoxideSM, the exterior protectant offers superior UV protection, by using nanotechnology to permanently bond to the surface of the vehicle, filling in the RV’s porous surface creating a smooth and sleek finish. It aids in preventing decals from peeling up due to the sun’s harmful rays and in the event a decal does begin to lift, the Finish Protect Warranty will cover the repair or replacement of the covered damage. Finish Protect exterior coverage protects:

  • body panels
  • end caps
  • factory wheels
  • headlight lens
  • vinyl awnings
  • headlight lens from dulling, yellowing, and fading.
  • wheels from common staining so that they can continue to look shiny and new

It even includes sound barrier protection significantly reducing road noise, and windshield protection to help prevent and repair chips and cracks less than 6 inches. From the windshield to the factory wheels, the headlights to the vinyl awning, Finish Protect prevents harmful oxidization, protects against UV damage, and safeguards your customer’s investment by keeping their RV looking newer for longer.

Interior Protection

RV Interior

While the exterior is what most people see, the interior of the RV is where your customers actually live. Consequently, it is extremely important that the interior living spaces can withstand everything your customers might throw at them. Finish Protect shields carpet, fabrics, leather, and vinyl from UV damage, spills, stains, and various other kinds of damage.

Organic Odor Eliminator.

But the problem is not always a stain or faded vinyl. Often, one of the worst offenders and fastest ways to ruin an RV is with terrible odors. RVs are meant to be lived in. That means your customers are regularly cooking in their RVs, enjoying time with their children and grandchildren, and maybe even playing with a new pet. But the smell from some foods can cling to fabrics for weeks or longer. And while children are fun, they can also cause quite the mess. And a new puppy or kitten is incredibly cute, but potty training them often results in at least a few accidents. So how do you help ensure your customers can enjoy their RV without the experience and the odor turning sour? Three simple words can salvage their RV from even the most offensive aromas: Organic Odor Eliminator.

Our exclusive organic odor eliminator transforms any organic based odor into water. Organic based odors are caused by decaying matter. The specially formulated organic odor eliminator is comprised of positive hydrogen ions which cause a chemical reaction that converts the organic based odor to water, thus eliminating the offending smell. The science is complex, but the solution is simple. You simply spray the affected area and whether it’s the irritating scent of wet dog, the pungent smell of cat urine, or the overpowering aroma of skunk spray, the smell will instantly vanish. Witnessing the transformation is simply astonishing. That is why every dealership which offers Coach-Net Finish Protect will receive a special display to demonstrate exactly how the odor eliminator works so that your customers can see firsthand how you can help protect their investment and keep their RV smelling fresh and clean.

Levels of Coverage

One of the best parts of Coach-Net Finish Protect is that with three different levels of coverage you can customize the protection to the specific needs of your customer. Additionally, each level of coverage is exclusionary meaning if a covered component or repair is not specifically excluded in the warranty, then it is covered for repair or replacement. And with Coach-Net Finish Protect the warranty will pay for any covered repairs or replacements up to the actual cash value of the RV at the time of the claim. Your customer is not limited to a total maximum aggregate payout over the term of the warranty which means they are better protected offering both you and the customer greater peace of mind.

Levels of Protection

RVs are meant to be lived in and enjoyed, but that doesn’t mean they have to appear lived in or destroyed. Your customers will no doubt drag in dirt, and mud, spill food, and leave the RV parked out in the direct heat of the sun. They shouldn’t have to worry about inadvertently damaging their RV while simply trying to enjoy it. At Coach-Net we want your customers to leave the worrying to us, so your customers can simply focus on exploring the outdoors with their family and friends. With Coach-Net Finish Protect your customer can have peace of mind and truly experience carefree RVing.

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