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4 Ways to Increase Sales

As a business owner, you need to constantly be growing your sales. Without them, you can’t have profit or revenue to put elsewhere such as employees, new products, or a healthy cash flow level. So use these four proven techniques to generate additional sales this month, this quarter, and this year. That way you can avoid missing out on key opportunities to grow and scale according to your goals:

  1. Qualify Better

Qualification, also called identifying needs and wants, is crucial to any business. However, most companies do a poor job of this. In its essence, it helps you get to the bottom of what the prospect wants so you can determine both if they are even qualified to be a customer of yours and if you are able to meet their wishes.


If you are doing online sales or ads, one way to use qualification in a more effective manner is to offer a “survey” of some sort. For instance, if you sell entrepreneurship training courses, you can create an Instagram ad that says “Which Kind of Entrepreneur Are You? Click to Find Out!” People naturally want to express themselves so when you give them the opportunity to do that, you can get valuable information from them and market to them more effectively.

In the survey, you can ask questions such as whether they are more technical or more creatively minded, what they are looking for in terms of training, and more. Then, you can collect their email in order to send them their quiz ratings of what kind of entrepreneur they are. This can apply to any industry, however. The key part is that you are disguising your qualification questions in a more modern fashion catered to the digital ways in which people interact with brands today.

  1. Present with Style

There is no getting around the fact that visuals can help you sell online or in person. The key is to use these visuals in a way that doesn’t distract the customer from listening to your sales messages. One way to implement visuals is to use charts and graphs. When you are dealing with complicated numbers, such as interest rates on loans for a high priced product, it helps to break it down in a visual manner so it is less intimidating but also easier to understand. It increases your chances of getting that valuable “yes” at the end of the presentation instead of them telling you they want to think about it. Speaking of which…

  1. Overcoming the Stalls

Overcoming Objections

Many times when you are done doing a presentation with a customer, they will tell you a series of white lies as to why they cannot go ahead with the purchase. It is vital that you develop ways to get around these fibs the customers tell you and your sales team. Selling based on empathy is the key here. Assure them that you understand how they feel, and that if you were in their shoes you would feel the same way. Then, tell them that based on their situation, your product’s attributes, and the incredible pricing you have right now, the reality is that the real cost to them is in waiting, not buying. Show them how the prices will increase soon and how they will be missing out on the opportunity cost of owning your product.

  1. Get Massive Referrals

Would you love to have a customer that walks into your business, buys the most expensive thing, doesn’t put up resistance, and then comes back constantly to repeat that all over again? If you would, then you need to be getting more referrals. When a customer refers someone, they are using social proof in your favor. This causes those referrals to be better customers all around. They are easier to sell to, they buy more, and they come in more often because of that inherent trust factor. Always ask for the referral, or risk missing out on easy money.

When it comes to getting more out of your business, you need to increase your sales above all else. They are the financial drivers of profit, revenue, and investment for new products, services, and employees. So don’t miss out on the four ways above that can take your company to the next level. Implement the tactics today and enjoy being poised for rapid growth this quarter and this year.

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