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7 Ways To Grow Sales & Customer Service Results

If you want to increase revenues for your company this year, focusing on improving results for your sales and customer service teams is one of the smartest moves you can make as a manager. Companies focused on improved sales and customer service performance not only have more satisfied customers, they often receive more referrals from those happy customers too.

But how do you improve opportunities for your customer support staff and sales consultants when you don’t know where to start? How do you become a better manager while supporting your team members at the same time? There are a number of steps you can take as a manager to better your business and improve the growth trajectory of your company. Integrate the following tips into your managerial efforts and you’ll be thrilled at the increased growth rate of your company.

1. Ongoing Education Training

One of the best ways to increase your company’s growth rate is to invest in ongoing training for your sales and customer support staff. Regular training to increase the knowledge of your staff can have long-lasting results for your business’ bottom line. Make it your mission to improve the knowledge base of your team and their new-found knowledge will automatically result in happier customers. As your team learns more, their increased knowledge will allow them to be of more use to your customers. Satisfied customers who understand they are dealing with knowledgeable experts are more likely to make smart purchasing decisions with your company

2. Invest in Customer Empathy Skills

One man talking. The other is listening.

Knowledgeable staff needs to also be empathetic staff. Your team can have oodles of knowledge, but if they treat your company’s customers with disdain, your sales rate will not increase. Invest in teaching your team how to be empathetic towards customers and how to practice good listening skills. Customers do business with companies they trust and with sales/service representatives who make them feel heard. Teach your team to improve their customer relation skills and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your company grows.

3. Follow-up Skills

If your team has poor follow-through skills, your sales rate will be mediocre at best. It’s not enough to have an awesome sales pitch; you must be willing to follow through on your promises and commit to answering customer queries. If you notice the same customers/clients continually calling your company for a specific sales rep, there might be two scenarios at play. Either your sales rep is awesome at their job and has built a roster of loyal customers, or they’re failing to follow-up as promised with their customers. Discern which scenario is happening and take corrective action if necessary. Teach your team to become fabulous at following up with their customers and you can significantly increase your company’s sales rate.

4. Reduce Red Tape

Reduce Red Tape

Customers don’t want to jump through hoops just to complete a transaction with your business. They don’t want to go through multiple departments just to reach their customer service representative. They don’t want to wait on hold or suffer through your business’ multi-level voice messaging system just so they can speak with their preferred sales person or customer support agent. Reduce the red tape and hoop-jumping for your business’ customers and you’ll be surprised what a difference it makes in your company’s customer satisfaction ratings.

5. Improve Customer Contact Options

Not every client/customer wants to speak to your team on the phone. Some customers prefer a live chat interface, while others prefer email. Offer a multitude of contact options to your customers and you can increase your lead generation efforts and improve your sales lead closure rate at the same time. Incorporate options like chatbots, instant messaging, and video chat into your company’s contact methods and watch how quickly your leads increase. Whether it is speaking with your company via social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) or chatting with a sales agent on Slack, the more contact options you offer your customers, the likelier it is they’ll reach out to your team.

6. Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

One of the savviest moves you can make as a manager is to increase your inbound marketing efforts. Managers who invest in inbound marketing like blogging and social media networking can increase their company’s revenues exponentially. Build a blog for your business and add new content on a frequent basis. Start sharing your blog posts on your company’s LinkedIn page. Guest post on websites your customers read. Answer questions on Quora. The more effort you put into creating a detailed inbound marketing strategy for your company, the more you’ll increase lead generation opportunities for your company. When you increase your business’ inbound marketing efforts, you give your sales and customer service team members more information to pull from and share with their customers. Not only will you be building sales leads, you’ll be making your team members’ lives easier in the process.

7. Increase Response Rate

Responsive companies tend to close more sales than those who operate on a 9-5 basis only. If potential/existing customers know they can communicate with your company on their schedule, it increases their affinity for your brand. Your customers are often busy people and don’t want to arrange their communications with your business around your schedule. Make responsiveness a core component of your company’s communication strategy and you’ll be surprised at the impact it has on customer satisfaction and sales. Even something as simple as a chatbot on your website can make your customers feel like your company is more responsive than your competitors. Consider making members of your team available on an on-call basis to communicate with customers via text messaging, email, or Slack chat and you’ll increase opportunities to improve your sales rate.

Developing a detailed strategy to improve results for your sales and customer service teams is part of your job as a manager. Understanding which factors will improve your customer satisfaction ratings and allow your team members to shine is crucial to your success as a manager. Integrate the above-listed tips into your managerial efforts and you’ll improve the long-term outlook for your company. Becoming an awesome manager is all about helping your team members flourish. Incorporate these tips into your company’s growth strategy and you’ll be well on your way to building a thriving business you can be proud of.

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