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Managing Employees in Different Generations

Every generation comes with its own rules, personal customs, cultural references, and languages. These variable attitudes with different maturity levels often create big challenges for human resource professionals in large organizations. It is really difficult to manage a diverse range of employees where few belong to the more recent generation, while others are linked with an older lifestyle.

Some studies reveal that there are huge differences between how the younger generation and the older generation prefer to handle their work environment. Management cannot ignore these differences for too long – instead, they need to develop effective strategies to balance the gap between both generations and ensure the best team chemistry in the workplace. Below are a few tips that can help you succeed in this endeavor.

Understand the Differences

Understand Differences








One of the biggest mistakes that most managers make is they often try to ignore the generation-related barriers. It is recommended for managers to become familiar with the age factors and variable work personalities of different generations in the workplace. Recognizing these differences is the first step towards creating a comfortable and healthy work environment. Business managers need to recognize these differences and make efforts to embrace them by tailoring body language, spoken language, and tone accordingly. It is important to communicate clearly at every level.

Break out of the Daily Routine

The older generation may feel trapped with the tiresome work patterns; it is time to help them get creative with the work. If you want to ensure maximum productivity from this generation, it is better to break the everyday routine. You can also help them swap work sometimes to feel fresher at the workplace. This is an ideal way to make them feel motivated and engaged with the work. On the other side, it is better to start with strict routines and fixed duties to involve the younger generations into the work culture.

Address Technological Hurdles

Young Woman Teaches Older Gentleman







With the advent of new technologies, organizations are now making fast changes to the work environment. However, an important fact is that the older employees may find it difficult to cope with the latest technologies as compared to the young employees. Also, an employee skilled with technology may get frustrated in working with older employees who may not have as much experience with IT problems. As a manager, it is important to address the differences in technological skills and provide additional layers of training to help both sides of the team bridge the gap.

Provide Collaborative Work Opportunities

In order to generate an increased level of understanding between both generations, it is valuable to offer them collaborative projects. The idea is to help them work together in a team while utilizing the best abilities of each group. It will help to create a healthy work environment in the organization while developing greater understanding between both generations.

When you find such a sensitive environment in your work premises; it is important to recognize these differences and treat them as an opportunity to improve the organization as a whole. By breaking down these differences and providing each group with the opportunity to improve, your workplace can be a more valuable experience for each team member. All managers and employees need to work together to develop harmony and comfort in the workplace. Stay informed, stay open, and ensure proper communication at all levels to maximize the skills of your team in the year ahead.

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