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The RV industry is widely known to be a male dominated industry and has come a long way advancing in diversity and inclusivity.  At the RVDA convention this last November a group of leaders from all across the RV industry were discussing the unique challenges women face in the RV industry and a new organization was formed: The RV Women’s Alliance. And both women and men across the industry have had one seemingly collective response: it’s about time.

While the news of a women’s organization forming during a time when women’s issues and rights are at the forefront of social concerns could cause some to be weary of its intentions, The RV Women’s Alliance is most likely not what you would expect it to be. Many organizations which seek to promote a specific group of people often unintentionally exclude or alienate other groups of people, but the RV Women’s Alliance is conscious of this tendency and its founders are specifically working to ensure that the RV Women’s Alliance avoids such pitfalls. RVWA Chair, Susan Carpenter wants to ensure that everyone truly understands the purpose and vision of this new organization. “RVWA is about networking, comradery, and friendship. And at its core, RVWA is about inclusivity.” It’s not about promoting the idea that women are in any way superior to men and it’s not about making the organization exclusive to women. In fact, RVWA already has its first male member and they are eager for more to join.

The RVWA founders simply want to create a judgment free environment where both new and established women in the industry have friends which they can turn to whenever they need support. This is why the RVWA was formed; to be a safe place where both men and women can turn to each other to help navigate the numerous situations you inevitably encounter which you are unsure how to handle. These aren’t the kinds of things they teach you in college, and you’re not likely to learn about it in any specialized training courses. These are the types of things which you can only truly learn about through an established mentor, a mentor who has been in your shoes and experienced the same thing. Susan has been in the RV industry for over 30 years, and over that time “the RV industry has made great strides, but it still has a long way to go. RVWA is a place for women established in the industry to better support each other and to offer a welcoming environment for women new to the industry.”

RV WomanRVWA is primarily about networking to assist both men and women develop within the industry. “Mentors in the industry can be invaluable to connecting people and helping them advance in their careers. It’s going to be a stand-alone entity not connected to any particular portion of the industry. We want it to be open to all men and women in the RV industry, no matter their department or level within a company.” Not everyone within the industry is always able to attend national events like RVDA or RVX and the founders of RVWA want this new organization to be a way for everyone to connect, no matter their location. Whether someone is looking to connect with a prospective business partner, or if a person is looking to branch into a different division of the industry, the RV Women’s Alliance wants to be their network to success.

NetworkingAnd with this driving vision, RVWA is excited for their official launch in Salt Lake City at RVX this March. Coach-Net is always focused on helping to advance and grow the RV industry and that is why we are proud to announce that we will be sponsoring RVWA’s very first networking event at RVX. If you would like more information on the RVWA networking event during RVX, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, or if you are simply interested in joining the RV Women’s Alliance just click here. The membership is free, you are not required to attend any events, and the organization is open to both men and women. Though the RV industry has come a long way, Coach-Net and the RV Women’s Alliance are working to advance the industry even further and we would love for you to join us on this journey to success.

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