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Chase Customers Away

Whether your business is brand new or already up and running, you cannot afford to take your customers for granted. It is easy to lose sight of the importance of your customers, especially when products are flying off the shelves and profits are piling up, but without the continued support of those buyers, even the most historically successful businesses will not be around for very long.

If you want to avoid this kind of trap in your own business, you need to pay careful attention to what your customers really want. Unfortunately, some business owners unwittingly chase their customers away instead of welcoming them with open arms. Here are six ways you could be chasing customers away without even knowing it.

  1. Using high-pressure sales tactics – Pressuring browsers to buy is a sure way to send them fleeing. Far from being effective, high-pressure sales tactics are a sure way to chase would-be customers away.
  2. Telling them what they want – Your customers know what they want, so let them tell you instead of the other way around. Instead of pushing your poorly selling products on your best customers, reach out to them and find out what they are looking for.
  3. Taking them for granted – It is easy to grow complacent, especially when things are going well, but taking customers for granted is a great way to send them away. Take the time to appreciate your customers – they are key to your success.
  4. Failing to communicate – Communication is a key part of doing business in the modern era. If you want your customers to keep coming back, you need to keep them in the loop. That means letting customers know when their orders have shipped and when they were delivered.
  5. Being less than reliable – Your customers expect great service along with top quality products. Being unreliable is a great way to send even the most loyal customers packing, and once they leave, they are probably not coming back. You should always strive to exceed customer expectations – not just meet them.
  6. Being defensive – When you run a business, customer complaints are par for the course. Being defensive about the criticism or blaming the customer are just bad form, and these tactics will not win you any friends. Instead of being defensive about customer criticisms, take a step back and look for ways to do better.

It does not matter what niche your business occupies, what kinds of products it produces or what services it provides. If you do not maintain a laser-like focus on the needs of your customers, you will not be around very long. Anticipating the needs of your customers, exceeding their expectations and understanding their point of view are all critical to your success, and that starts with avoiding things that chase good customers away and send them into the arms of the competition.

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