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Workplace Mentoring

If your company does not have a workplace mentoring program, you should consider getting one started. Even if it’s just a small company, a workplace mentoring program can benefit it in a number of ways.

Improve Employee Skills

A workplace mentoring program is much more than just another form of on the job training. A mentor shows new employees all of the little, practical things they need to know that are not directly part of their job training. Workplace mentors give them the benefit of experience and guidance. This helps new employees develop the skills they need to succeed, of course, and it also helps them develop the attitudes and confidence they need to succeed.

Improve Employee Retention

Many new employees feel lost or adrift when they first start at a new job. Having a reliable source of wisdom and advice at work can reduce this new job stress and anxiety. Especially at the start of a new position, it can be easy to make mistakes or fall short of personal goals. When that happens, a mentor can help the mentee see the big picture and the fact that a single mistake is not going to be career ending. Workplace mentoring programs don’t just instruct employees in their new duties; they help them feel focused, confident, and at home. This can significantly reduce employee turnover, keeping your company from spending a lot of time and money training replacements.

Fist Bump

Losing a single good employee can cost your company up to a year of that person’s salary. The personalized guidance and advice that a mentor provides can help employees work through any difficulties and frustrations that they run into, encouraging them to feel invested in staying with the company. By improving employee retention, your company will always have experienced personnel, instead of an ever-changing roster of rookies who need costly new training before they can be of any value.

Improve Company Culture

The supportive relationship that mentor and mentee develop benefits everyone. It helps create a positive, supportive company culture. For example, the mentor’s work ethic and enthusiasm will not only be imparted to the mentee, but the mentee will be an example for all of the other employees, encouraging them to develop such attitudes as well. The indirect benefits that the mentor-mentee relationship can bring your company by improving its culture are incalculable.

Save Time and Increase Efficiency

Workplace mentoring is an excellent way to increase workplace efficiency and save time. With mentoring, employees who have difficult questions or concerns can go to their mentors, reducing the time workplace tasks require and improving productivity. Mentoring also reduces the amount of formal training needed by new employees. It allows them to learn on the job instead of in a training room. Managers can then spend more time on important business-related tasks.

The Takeaway

Workplace mentoring is a win/win strategy, benefiting the company and the mentees. The benefits it brings far outweigh the costs involved, even for small businesses.

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