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Ansley RV

“Expect the unexpected.” That’s a well-known warning from a popular reality show I shamefully indulge in. The producers are always cautioning the contestants that their summer vacation may sound glamorous and exciting, but they are in for an extremely challenging and mentally exhausting ride. And while the “unexpected” twists and turns in that “reality” show are coordinated and manipulated by the show producers, when you’re in an RV your “unexpected” hazards don’t take place on a soundstage. And you can easily feel completely alone, wishing you had someone coordinating everything for you. It’s much easier to face a task knowing you’re not alone. And any trial is much less daunting if you’ve taken the proper precautions. That’s why it’s so important someone privy to the pitfalls of RVing educates customers on how to be prepared for when something inevitably goes wrong. Ansley RV in Duncansville, Pennsylvania is in the business of selling that idealized dream of the perfect vacation in an RV, but Matt Watters, their Aftermarket Specialist, has the challenging task of selling customers on the reality of vacations: Expect the unexpected.

Ansley RV

Third-generation family-owned Ansley RV has been selling the All-American dream vacation since 1947. While many dealerships are relatively new to the game, Ansley RV is an established expert on the RV lifestyle and the unique needs of RV owners. And through the years, despite the decades of change and development, Ansley RV has been a constant because they learned long ago that the best way to take care of the customer is by first educating themselves. “All in all, we’re a friendly atmosphere that strives to do right by our customers by educating ourselves and carrying some of the best product in the country.” Ansley RV’s technicians are RV certified attending specialty training schools, their salespeople routinely visit the factories to tour the facilities where the RVs are made, and the team regularly partakes in on-site training. A true expert never stops learning. And this expert knowledge has visibly produced high-end customer service at Ansley RV.

The Ansley RV team has earned numerous awards from some of the biggest manufacturers in the industry recognizing their stellar sales and service. Newmar specifically has repeatedly recognized Ansley RV’s outstanding customer service. They have been the recipient of Newmar’s Customer Service Index (CSI) Award, based on customer surveys, for 12 consecutive years. Four years in a row, Ansley RV has also been recognized as a Platinum Servicing Dealer by meeting several stringent requirements including having a CSI of 90% or higher and having a certain number of RVIA certified and Master certified technicians on staff. And despite The Mahlon Miller Service Excellence Award only being given to two dealerships annually, Ansley RV has won it an impressive 5 times since 2004. Ansley RV’s staff are undoubtedly experts in the industry. They have achieved this feat by continually educating themselves and pushing every department to be experts in the services they provide.

Ansley RV award

Ansley RV knows that having expert knowledge and training is key, and only then can you really deliver expert customer service. They understand that RV dealerships often live and die by customer service. Through their extensive education and training, Ansley RV knows everything about the units they sell, and they know what their customers truly need to be fully taken care of when traveling in their RV. Finding the right RV for a customer is exciting. The customer can be thrilled with the style and layout that best suits their needs, but because they are experts in the total RV lifestyle, Ansley RV knows that buying the perfect RV and having an amazing buying experience do not always add up to a happy customer. There is so much that happens after the customer drives off in their new RV, and that is why Matt works so hard to educate his customers on how to prepare for and “expect the unexpected.”

Matt teaches his customers about everything that can possibly go wrong while they’re traveling. They can, and will, get a flat tire. Certain mechanical components may randomly stop working after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. They might breakdown on the side of the freeway in the middle of nowhere and need to be towed hundreds of miles. They might need someone to help them figure out how to get a temperamental component to work at the most inconvenient time. For instance, their leveling jacks may get stuck right as they’re trying to leave a campground, or the water heater might suddenly stop working after a long, sweaty day of hiking. Even worse, they might become ill or injured and need someone to help transport their RV back home. While all these frustrations are unplanned, they are very much foreseeable. And RV experts like the team at Ansley RV know that they should be expected. The great news for their customers is that due to Matt and everyone else at Ansley RV continually educating themselves about the RVs they sell and the struggles their customers encounter, they can ensure that when an RVer faces any of these foreseeable follies, they will still be completely cared for.

Ansley RVs “Currently, we only carry Coach-Net’s 24/7 Protect roadside assistance, but even with that they really have all of their bases covered.” An RV specialized roadside assistance program is really the foundation for all the secondary products and services customers need. While the issue may be covered by an extended warranty, Coach-Net is almost always the customer’s first phone call. Whether they’re on the side of the road needing a tow or needing to troubleshoot an issue in hopes that they don’t actually need to take the RV in for service, they can call Coach-Net. “Whatever happens, wherever they are, and whenever a problem arises, Coach-Net is there for them when they need help.” The team at Ansley RV are experts in the RV industry, and we’re proud to say that they rely on Coach-Net to deliver the same expert level of customer service they provide at their dealership. In fact, when many dealerships would be limited on how they can help a customer after they leave, Coach-Net operates as an extension of Ansley RV ensuring that their customers are cared for 24/7 no matter what unexpected hazards they will expectedly encounter on the road. Thank you, Matt, for ensuring your customers are well prepared and cared for when traveling in their RVs. Thank you, Ansley RV, for being your customers’ connection to carefree RVing.

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