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Motor Sportsland


Utah is one of the greatest places for outdoor enthusiasts. We were recently in Utah for RVX: The RV Experience and when we asked the cab driver for suggestions of places we could go during our visit, we were expecting recommendations for interesting restaurants and bars. So we were a bit surprised when our driver immediately got excited and started telling us about this amazing place we could hike to called Donut Falls. He described in vivid detail how breathtaking the waterfall is and how sometimes, if it’s cold enough, the water will freeze causing massive curves of flowing ice to be suspended in mid-air. Everyone in Utah truly loves the outdoors. They’re passionate about it and they seek out genuine experiences you won’t find just anywhere. That’s why they’ve been loyal to Motor Sportsland in Salt Lake City for over 50 years.


As the Finance Director at Motor Sportsland , Chris Horne knows what his customers want. Chris explains that his ultimate objective is simple; his job is to sell adventure. For nearly 14 years Chris has helped thousands of people escape the dullness of day-to-day life and connect them to the rugged adventure of the Rocky Mountain region. Utah is a highly competitive market in the outdoor industry, and his customers repeatedly come back to the 3rd generation family owned dealership because their team offers something incredibly unique to any customer service industry. They’re genuine.

Motor Sportsland’s longstanding success is a tribute to the authentic and genuine experience they provide their customers. Their team really is comprised of RV experts. On average, each individual team member has nearly 14 years of experience with the team collectively having over 750 years of combined RV experience. They’re the real deal. When you meet Chris for the first time, you easily feel like you’ve known him for ages. He’s authentic, just like the rest of the team at Motor Sportsland. They love what they do. They’re confident in their services. And because of those two key factors, they don’t need to put on any sort of show for the customer. RV customers want something real; and because everyone at Motor Sportsland is so truly genuine, customers trust their expertise. Most importantly, their customers trust that everyone at Motor Sportsland genuinely cares about their RV experience. That’s why we’re so proud to partner with such a dedicated company. Chris and his team at Motor Sportsland do everything they can to ensure their customers get the peaceful and carefree adventure they crave.

“At Motor Sportsland, our goal is to provide our customers with adventure in their new RV. Coach-Net is such a great compliment to this goal because they provide peace of mind and support no matter where our customers’ adventures take them. As a local dealership, we don’t have the internal resources to go save a traveling customer from a tire failure or similar event; but by partnering with Coach-Net, this customer support network is instantly a service that we are able to offer at an incredible price.”

Chris Horne

Chris understands that it’s not about passing off the responsibility of customer care to another party; it’s about partnering with a company that can help his dealership extend and enhance their level of customer care. “Coach-Net is a great product both for the dealership and the customer because they offer resources that serve the customer in ways that are not practical for any size dealership. The customer gets the help they need, and they are grateful to the dealer for having their best interests in mind when introducing them to the product.” Every dealer knows their customers will encounter struggles, but the dealer doesn’t need to struggle to help them. Every great leader knows that the key to efficiency is putting the right people in the right positions. It’s about identifying what someone excels at and trusting them to both fulfill that need and exceed your expectations. With their extensive experience, Motor Sportsland’s team are experts in helping customers choose the RV that best suits their adventures. They’re experts in financing those RVs to make a family’s dreams affordable. And they are experts in servicing those complex units. At Coach-Net we are experts in RV technical and roadside assistance. And through our partnership we can successfully work together, utilizing our respective talents and skills, to ensure customers’ needs are met with genuine concern.

“Our customers appreciate the peace of mind that comes with being a Coach-Net customer. Coach-Net truly caters to the RV customer by offering services unmatched by other networks. From roadside assistance to RV technical support, our customers know they can rely on Coach-Net for help when they need it most.” Chris and his team genuinely care about their RV customers because they are RVers themselves. They understand what RVers want, and need, and they go above-and-beyond to make sure their customers have truly carefree adventures. Thank you, Chris, for being such a dedicated and authentic person and business partner. Thank you, Motor Sportsland, for being your customers’ connection to carefree RVing.

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