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5 Reasons You and Your Team Aren't Closing Sales

If you can’t close sales, your small business will suffer. Unfortunately, closing is a lot more difficult than it sounds. It takes more than a silver tongue to get things done. Here are a few reasons why customers are slipping out of your grasp:


  1.  You Don’t Listen Enough

The salesman with the silver tongue was once a common image. These people made it feel like they could sell glasses to a blind man. However, modern salesmanship bears little resemblance to that image. Now, it’s more about listening.

Consumers are now, more than ever, aware that there’s plenty of fish in the sea. If they feel like you’re not listening to them, that you’re not answering their concerns, they’ll take their money elsewhere. Don’t talk about the product too much. Give them enough to work with, and focus on answering their questions.

  1.  Not Telling Them the Value of Your Product

Sales ManIt’s natural to be proud of your small business’s offering. You made it, and you’ve done what most people don’t do with their ideas – you made it real. Unfortunately, this pride could be your undoing.

How something works is rarely what customers are interested in. They’re more concerned with what your product can do for them. Tell and show them how it can solve their problem, and you’ll close more sales.

  1.  You Push Too Hard

Consumers are, more than ever, resistant to hard sells. They’re wary and suspicious of anything being actively sold to them. The harder the sell, the faster they’ll run. Fortunately, if your product is good enough, you won’t have to push. Give them the details, and let them decide for themselves. It’s a scary thought, but it’s a situation that rewards due diligence, as well as proper product development.

  1.  Money Makes You Stutter

Making A SaleDespite the exchange of money for goods and services being a core part of running a business, many small business owners can stumble when talk goes there. Often there’s no problem when the customer doesn’t mind the price, but you’re going to run into hagglers at some point. You and your team must be ready for that conversation.

Don’t pressure them into anything. Give them the price, and let them mull it over. More often than not, they’re thinking how they can afford your offer. Let them do that. Work with them once they start talking. Just answer their questions and relax. It’s more up to them than you.

  1.  Trash Talking the Competition

One of the biggest mistakes salespeople make is to think that making others look worse makes their product more appealing. Not only is that untrue, it creates new problems. Trash talk makes your small business look insecure. In fact, you’ll lose some customers immediately because they’re uncomfortable with your negativity. Bashing the competition also doesn’t mean your product can do better, and most customers know that. Stick to talking about your offer. Leave other companies out of it.

Selling a product is simple, but it isn’t easy. Listen to the consumers. Tell them how your small business can help them. Focus on your pitch and leave the competition out of it. It’ll take some practice, but you’ll improve in no time.

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