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Emotional Intelligence

Emotionally intelligent people tend to have good people skills and excel at taking initiative, making decisions, working with others, and dealing with change. They may have learned the skills of emotional intelligence through instruction or could have adopted them through years of conditioning and mentoring. The proof of whether a person has good emotional intelligence is in its application.

Emotionally intelligent people are those who have willingly embraced the concepts of which emotional intelligence embodies. They are most apt to act in a spirit of cooperation and positivity.

Those with low levels of emotional intelligence, for one reason or another, are less able to set themselves on par with their peers. They may have an inflated sense of ego that prevents them from validating others. They might operate out of a rebellious or spiteful spirit, which only reinforces resistance to such systems.

Frustrated Sales Man

These individuals may never have received quality mentorship throughout their lifetime. They might not have been given a strong set of values to believe in. They may also have low self-esteem which can cause them to put people down or react unwisely.

Those that rebuff the ideals of emotional intelligence may lack the ability to get along, respect authority, value peers, listen objectively, or cooperate. Their inability to see the possible benefits of becoming emotionally intelligent, and their refusal to change or give-in to a new way of interacting may cost them heavily.

Know-it-all personality types who appear spiteful, rebellious, domineering and who choose independence over working in teams are a turn-off to potential buyers and may even pose a risk to a company’s reputation or ability to grow.

That’s not to say those with lower emotional intelligence don’t have a social network.  Everyone has relationships of some sort, and all people have emotions. Chances are this group will seek relationships with those that support their ideals and act similarly to them. Sometimes breaking away from such a social network can be complicated.

Those with higher emotional intelligence are good at reading situations. They know when to take steps forward and when to hold back. Simply put, they know how to control their emotions and use them to their advantage which in turn helps to build the business and ultimately make the sale.

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Many individuals feel they have good people skills. They might be friendly, outgoing, or generally cooperative. The real test of their emotional intelligence is much more than their ability to be friendly. It will show up when they are put into situations that are problematic or where they might have to defend themselves. Their ability to see problems as opportunities and to find positive ways of defending themselves without becoming angry will be proof that they have higher emotional intelligence.

Emotionally intelligent people aren’t those that never fail. They will may make poor decisions and slip up from time to time. When employees stumble and fall, if they lack good emotional intelligence, they may end up in a downward spiral. However, those with developed emotional intelligence will consider what happened, admit where they were wrong, and pull themselves up for another shot, maybe asking peers for help.

Man ReadingEmotional intelligence can, in fact, be developed. It takes willingness and the ability to see that there are benefits in being emotionally intelligent that will improve a person’s own well-being.

It’s always good to hire employees that have high emotional intelligence to begin with. No matter who is hired, a company can communicate its expectations from the start, and model emotionally intelligence from the management down. Formal training can help, as can rewarding the right behaviors and correcting wrong ones.

It’s always wise to continue to study the subject of emotional intelligence in business and to discover new ways to bring out the best in the people involved. When the team functions well, everyone stays motivated, business prospers, and sales are made.

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