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Social media marketing has been around for several years now, but there are still many new or established businesses that are just starting on this path. A lot of them enter the scene and make huge mistakes. The tips below show your business how to avoid these pitfalls.

Lack of oversight on what your employees are doing on your social media accounts.

Curious EmployerMany companies assign employees to take over their social media marketing campaigns and do not keep track of what they are doing. Business owners know their business better than anyone and should have a set plan on where and what kind of social marketing they need to employ. Keeping tabs on your employees and what they are doing should be a priority. How are they interacting with your customers? Are they pulling more customers in or scaring them away? Are they posting with regularity?

Having too many social media accounts.

You especially want to keep your presence down if you do not have enough employees to keep up with them all. Most of the social media sites are followed by specific demographics over others. Research which sites cater to the type of person that would be interested in your product or service. If you are selling products for seniors, you certainly do not want a presence on Snapchat, as its audience is mostly younger people. Make sure you consider this before opening accounts.

Not taking advantage of analytics.

Social Media AnalyticsMany social media platforms have areas where you can find this information. These include Facebook Insights, Pinterest Analytics, and Twitter Analytics. These tools are created for a purpose, and you would be wise to make use of the information they provide. You will find information regarding who is liking your page and following or posting. You will be able to tell which of your posts are gaining the most attention, and which may have missed the mark. Always look at this information regularly.

Investing too little in appealing and engaging content.

When creating posts for your account, you need to keep your customer’s attention. If what you are saying is boring or just dull sales pitches, they will likely move on. If you can keep it interesting and invite your audience to participate in the conversation, they will more likely stay and keep coming back. A little bit of humor never hurt either. Know your audience and gear your content to them.

Lack of a thorough review process for all content.

Every bit of content should be looked over by a few key employees before it is posted online. In this age, it is too easy to post content that could offend someone, so the more eyes that review the posts, the better. Get a diverse opinion on whether it will be a good fit for your company and mission statement. Is it engaging? Will people be led to share it with their friends?

Ignoring comments and questions on social media networks.

Dismissive EmployerOne of the advantages of having a social media presence is that you can keep up with what your audience and potential customers are thinking or feeling about your company and products. Someone needs to monitor your social media accounts and read all posts to see if there are any questions or comments about products. Customers do not like to be ignored. Excellent customer service requires answers to all questions. By doing so, you can let them know you care and that you are not just going through the motions.

Avoiding these pitfalls is essential for all businesses. Social media is meant to be social, and your customers will follow you if you keep that in mind when creating content. Mistakes in social media marketing can be devastating due to the viral nature of social media. Always have trained employees to handle your accounts and keep track of what is going on with the analytics. The success of your company and brand depend on it.

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