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I think everyone could probably agree that family is one of the most important things in life. Sometimes you’re born into a family. Sometimes you’re adopted or you marry into one. Sometimes you create your own family with friends, neighbors, or coworkers. And sometimes you’re lucky enough to discover a family based on your common passions. RVers are very familiar with this concept of family. RVers often travel with their families. They even develop a family of friends, collected on their travels to the picturesque places they visit and the comfy campgrounds where they set up their nomadic homes. And many create great friends and extended family at the place where their adventures first begin: their RV dealership.

Phil Higgins, General Manager of RCD RV Supercenter’s Hebron location, joined the RCD family 16 years ago when he saw an opportunity to sell “fun.” Phil was pleasantly surprised to learn what made his job fun wasn’t so much the RVs they were selling, but rather the amazing family he gained in the process. Family owned and operated since 1974, RCD RV Supercenter’s family focus has become the foundation for how they operate and, ultimately, the cornerstone which all of their success stems. Many people working together day in and day out will form a family bond, but you’ll find higher up management and owners are often not as connected with the family of employees or their customers. However, because RCD is so family-focused, managers and owners work right alongside every other employee remaining dedicated to their hands-on involvement in the business. No role is too big and no task is too small. This ensures transparent communication and it creates a unified focus on what is most important to the family: serving others.

Phil Higgins

Phil Higgins, General Manager

Leadership, in any capacity, is all about putting others’ needs before your own. The RCD team is continually conscious of how they can contribute to the team. And RCD RV Superstore is always looking for unique ways to invest in their employees, specifically how to better enrich each other’s lives beyond their work environment. Phil says that RCD encourages all of their employees to borrow an RV whenever they want to go camping with their family and friends. It’s a unique way that RCD can give back to their employees and contribute to their physical and mental well-being. Coach-Net has followed the example of RCD and likeminded companies within the RV industry by making RVs available to our employees to use for free as well. We’ve been able to witness firsthand that giving back like this to your employees genuinely transforms the entire work culture, and there is no better example than RCD. They’ve been giving back to their employees for years and the yield has been incredible. Doing something kind for another person or helping them in some fashion is one of the best ways to foster in them the desire to in-turn help others. By giving back to their employees, RCD is able to create an attitude of gratitude that stokes their employees’ internal fire to serve others which reaches far beyond the dealership parking lot.

Recently RCD RV Supercenter was invited by the Make-A-Wish Foundation to give back to a very special family and their sweet little boy named Reed. Reed could have asked for just about anything, and he wished to go camping with his family. Everyone at RCD RV Supercenter was incredibly eager to contribute to the cause and when you see any of their employees speak about it, you can see on their faces how proud they are to help make his wish come true. “Being a part of this boy’s wish matches the very core of who we are as a business. We are built on family and the importance of building strong, lasting relationships. Here at RCD, we pride ourselves on our community involvement and the services we provide to the people around us. Working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Reed’s family was simply an amazing experience. We all feel blessed to help introduce the camping lifestyle to such a deserving family. We love that we’ve been able to help Reed and his family create priceless memories.”

Delaware Location

That’s what it’s all about for RCD RV Supercenter. They want to help families create lasting memories as they experience the beauty, excitement, and wonder of the outdoors. But being RVers themselves, everyone at RCD knows firsthand that a huge part of creating a great RV experience is making sure they’re taken care of when something goes wrong. Phil says he always recommends customers “stay close as they get familiar with the rig before they take a long journey out of state. If they stay local for a few nights, it’s much easier for us to help them should they need it.” Phil and his team want to do everything they can to make sure their customers are taken care of. That’s why RCD chooses to partner with Coach-Net. While they want to be able to help every customer with every issue, they know that logistically it’s just not always possible to do entirely on their own. But when they connect their customers to Coach-Net, they know that even when their customers take their RVs thousands of miles away from the dealership, they still have someone dedicated to helping them. “With the unlimited towing, Coach-Net roadside assistance is a no-brainer for our customers. But there is so much more to Coach-Net than just towing. Coach-Net’s 24/7 tech support helps fill the gap from when we close and  when we reopen in the morning. Partnering with Coach-Net guarantees our customers always have access to help whenever they might need it.”

Whatever you may encounter in life, whether it’s something exciting or something difficult, family is always there for you. RCD RV Supercenter is the kind of family you can turn to when you want someone to celebrate your victories with, or when you need a helping hand to continue on your journey. Everyone knows it’s family you can always call, especially at in the middle of the night, when you’re stranded and needing help. That’s why RCD RV Supercenter chooses to partner with Coach-Net; they want to make sure everyone in their family always has someone to call no matter the time of day. Thank you, Phil and everyone at RCD RV Supercenter, for allowing Coach-Net to be part of your family. Thank you, RCD RV Supercenter, for being your customers’ connection to carefree RVing.

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