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Girls RV TripWay back in 1987, Coach-Net was created for RVers by RVers. Many years and even decades have passed, resulting in so much change.  RVs have progressed in size and with countless electronic updates. And the widespread use of the internet has not only made our trip planning infinitely easier, it has allowed our exploration of the outdoors to be so much more accessible.  And with the passing of time, even Coach-Net has changed, continually updating our methods and tools to better serve our members. But while many things have changed, there is one thing that has always stayed the same. We are RVers!  The only way to truly understand the intimidation a new RVer has when driving their RV, or setting up in a campground for the very first time is by experiencing that moment ourselves.  For this reason, Coach-Net proudly owns not just one, but two RVs – a motorized and a towable unit both available for our employees to go camping with family and friends, at no cost. We want every person working for Coach-Net to have that personal camping experience and we want to be able to share our experiences with you.

In November 2019, 6 Coach-Net women from all departments including Sales, Accounting and Marketing embarked on a camping adventure together where they camped in Coach-Net’s motorized and towable units.  Here’s more about their trip:

Q:  Where did you go?

A:  We camped at the beautiful Vineyards Campground & Cabins in Grapevine, TX.  Our rigs were parked right off the shores of Grapevine Lake where there were plenty of opportunities to hike, run, bike and fish.

Coach-Net Airstream

Q:  How long was your trip?

A:  We were only there for a weekend, but could have definitely stayed longer.  It was the perfect weekend getaway.

Kim, Stacy, And Shannon


Q:  Was this your first time RVing?

A:  There were 3 of us who had RV’d before and 3 of us were newbies. Us newbies were very excited to have our RVing vets with us, as there is much to know about setting up and breaking down camp.  And, if we needed anything, we took comfort in knowing that our Coach-Net RV Techs were just a phone call away.  For the 3 of us that were inexperienced, having access to our Coach-Net RV techs allowed us to have a truly carefree RVing experience.

Coach-Net Ladies

Q:  What’s your fondest memory from your trip?

A:  The nightly campfires!  It was so much fun sitting around the campfire, enjoying the beauty of the flickering flames and soaking up the sounds of the crackling wood.  It was a wonderful way to see our coworkers in a different light and get to know each other on a deeper level. We made s’mores, told all sorts of entertaining stories, and shared lots of laughs.  Spending time with friends and family around a warm campfire creates a connection like no other.


Q:  Did you find anything challenging about your RV trip?

A:  Driving RVs, whether towing one or maneuvering a Class A, can always be intimidating and sometimes challenging.  For our group, that was by far the most daunting part of RVing – especially for the 3 rookies.  Luckily, RV Driving School is available to help teach the skills needed in all different traffic conditions.

Q:  Would you go again?

A:  Most definitely!  A few of us have already reserved the company RV for trips in the spring and can’t wait!

Q:  Why do you love RVing?

A:  It gives a way to escape, even for just a short amount of time.  Camping means time outdoors which is always a huge stress reliever and a mood booster.  We don’t take enough time to just enjoy the simpler things in life, like sipping hot coffee on a cool fall morning while watching a gorgeous sunrise or just simply smiling and waving at the strangers in the campsite next to you.  This is all made possible through RVing.

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Veronika B.  ~ “You got my RV up and running in excellent time! And I had the same dispatch agent as last year – he’s absolutely the BEST!!! It was a great experience!”