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Sales Secrets You Weren't Taught

Most higher-ups in the sales field are active sellers themselves. They got to their position through a great work ethic, and they aren’t just going to give their best secrets to everyone who walks through the door. Luckily, you can discover crucial sales techniques without having to force it out of them. Here are three unconventional truths the top sales representatives use that they’ll never tell you.

Clients Are More Interested in You Than the Product

Happy Client If it were as easy as telling a potential client how great your product is, then everyone would be a successful salesperson. Honestly, your customer has dozens of companies to choose from that can offer the same quality that your company can. A team of engaging sales agents that connect with their clients is what every company is really lacking. The first secret to sales is if a customer likes you, then they’ll buy from you. The only way to get their attention is by showing them that you understand their wants and that you’re on their side. Sure, there will be a few easy sales where the client just wants to sign on the dotted line, but the majority of your customers will do business with you just because they like something about you. So, find out how you can make them like you, or you won’t be able to reach the top anytime soon.

Investing in Quality Leads is More Important Than Making Lots of Contacts

Quality LeadEvery junior sales representative goes through the training process in an almost identical way. You’re taught to stick to a very specific script, and you are scolded every time you make a mistake. Your trainer will tell you every day that the only way to succeed is by knocking a hundred doors or calling a hundred numbers. That works great for a new sales agent that doesn’t have any experience. They are guaranteed to come across someone ready to buy, and it’ll be an easy sell based on the large number of contacts they’ve made every week. Most companies provide seemingly endless amounts of used leads for no cost to their sales agents. But, this creates a type of irrational fear in agents when investing in their leads. Imagine that the average live call transfer from a lead generation site will cost them fifty dollars. They might think to themselves that they’d need to have a hundred transfers before landing a single sale. That’s completely wrong, but it is very discouraging for anyone who is thinking about investing in new leads. They don’t realize that the quality of their leads determines the number of sales they’ll be able to close in any given amount of time. The average sales representative can become the top in their division by simply investing ten percent of their earnings in live transfers, instead of relying entirely on the company provided leads.

Constant Improvement to Your Pitch is the Way to Stay Ahead in the Game

Improve Sales Pitch The beginning script that you learned when you got hired is the bare minimum amount of leverage you need to be an average sales agent in your field. Someone successful probably designed it, and it gets the job done. That’s all it does. You won’t be able to surpass your peers by rehashing the same old methods that they are all using. It could even cause you to lose a few sales along the way because the client has already heard the same pitch from one of your coworkers in the past. There’s a lot to be gained from that initial sales script, but you need to get to work immediately on making your own. Don’t try to invent the wheel from scratch, but try to keep a record of every objection you’ve ever had during a sales pitch. Be sure to keep a note of what worked to close every deal. It won’t be long until you’ve mastered your unique style of sales pitch and you’ll be sitting in your own private office.

Show Them How It’s Done

You’ll be the one keeping your strategies secret after you apply these great methods to your daily routine. Remember that the client wants to do business with you first and the product comes second. Never be afraid to invest in better leads. You’ll save time, and you’ll make more money than everyone else that doesn’t have the guts to do it. The most crucial point of all is to constantly be on the lookout for new methods to improve your selling techniques. Sticking to the average script will make you an average sales agent. Go above and beyond through nonstop improvement, and you’ll be a boss in no time.

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