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World Wide RV“We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.” – Winnie the Pooh.

The brilliant thing about working in the RV industry is that we are all fairly conscious of the fact that we are helping others make memories. And we almost universally are proud to proclaim what a fun industry it is that we are so fortunate to be a part of. But if you really think about it, if you look at your day-to-day efforts with close scrutiny, or allow someone else to observe your day-to-day happenings, I think many of us wouldn’t look like we’re having much fun. And understandably so. We have spreadsheets to analyze, countless conference calls, tedious meetings, and seemingly endless amounts of paperwork. It’s work. So while we know we work in an industry of “fun” and our driving force is to help others have fun, many of us are probably guilty of getting bogged down in the less thrilling aspects of the job and honestly forgetting that we should be having fun too. But the reason I say “many of us” is because there is one group of people that I know without a doubt, always remembers to enjoy the moment, routinely manages to find the tiny bits of joy hiding in the monotonous tasks, and never fails to make time for fun. World Wide RV in Mesa, Arizona has found a way to easily stand out among the crowd and it’s their telling slogan that loudly broadcasts their differentiator: Our people make the difference.

World Wide RV isn’t just an RV dealership, it’s an experience unlike any other. World Wide RV is located on Main Street aka RV Row in Mesa, Arizona. Well known as a popular haven for “snowbirds,” Main Strait hosts over 40 RV dealerships and over 25 RV parks. While having so many options crammed into one single location is convenient for someone looking to buy an RV, it creates a proportionate challenge for an RV dealer. As a dealership, how would you even begin to compete? How on earth do you convince the customers that even though they have seemingly endless options, your dealership is the only one they should be buying from? David Skogebo, the owner of World Wide RV, decided long ago that in order to be successful, his dealership had to deliver more than just RVs. He says the three things that make them successful are: quality, customer service, and his team of employees. With so many dealerships in such a small area, anyone looking to buy an RV in Mesa, Arizona arguably has the best selection of RVs in the world. Inherently, David has to ensure that he is selling some of the best RVs available. But that is probably the easier deliverable than the other two factors. Anyone working in a service industry knows how challenging it is to deliver excellent customer service. Even more so, how to ensure you’re delivering better customer service than the dealership next door.

World Wide RVDavid meets this challenge of superior customer service by providing customers with something they’re hard-pressed to find at another dealership in the area: his team takes care of their customers during the buying process and long after they purchase their RV. They achieve this by making sure their number one focus is helping the customer have fun. Any savvy business owner knows that the vast majority of consumers will visit your company’s website long before they ever visit your dealership. Your website is your calling card and the experience the customer has there should be a preview of the type of experience they can expect when they visit you in person. So if customers are looking for fun, and you want to be the dealership to they go to for fun, then you better have fun too. And that better come across through your website. David and his team at World Wide RV do not disappoint.

When a customer clicks on the “Meet Our Staff” tab on World Wide RV’s website, they’re instantly plummeted into fantastical fun, almost as if they have fallen down the rabbit hole. Every employee listed has a special nickname, some of the most colorful profile descriptions I have read outside of an online dating site, and some even have photoshopped pictures to go along with their detailed backstories. David aka Mr. Owner is described as an almost supernatural or mythical creature, that may or may not even exist.

World Wide RV StaffHe’s a sort of understated man of mystery. The General Sales Manager, Brian claims that he’s a trained professional underwater basket weaver, who first found success working with The Macho Man himself collaborating on retro rap music working hard to sell Slim Jim Meat sticks all across the southland. After an unfortunate meat stick factory explosion, Brian began hitchhiking west seeking work and until he found his true calling at World Wide RV. The list of characters only gets better as you read through their profiles. They have Raul, who based on his blurry picture, has an aversion to the sun and garlic, many believe to be a vampire. But a friendly one; so customers don’t need to be afraid. Tim is proudly known as their “Reigning Salesman of the Year Ultimate Champion.” His profile comes complete with a winner’s golden crown and oversized wrestling style champion belt. And Tim isn’t the only larger than life character at World Wide RV. They also have “The Gambler,” “The Blonde Assassin,” “The Imperial RV Guru,” and even “Your Local Late Night Jazz DJ.” Anyone going to World Wide RV’s website may innocently be looking for just an RV, but what they’re guaranteed to find is fun.

“It really comes down to selling fun. Listening to customers’ hopes, adventures, and dreams. Then we just use our expert knowledge and experience to help them figure out the best RV to take on their adventure.” But World Wide RV’s job doesn’t stop there. It’s not enough to show the customer a good time, give them a few laughs, simply sell them an RV and hope for the best once they leave the dealership. As an RVer himself, David is all too aware of what can be an even more important part of the customer experience, and that’s once they’re actually out using the RV. With a knowing laugh, David admitted, “I’m an RVer. And the damn thing breaks every time.” You can have the absolute best quality product on the market, and the best customer buying experience on the block, but it won’t protect your customers from suffering a blown tire or mechanical breakdown. It’s inevitable.

World Wide RV

That’s why World Wide RV provides one year of Coach-Net 24/7 Protect with every RV purchased. “Embedding Coach-Net roadside and technical assistance on every unit sold adds value to our dealership. It adds value to someone buying their next RV from World Wide RV. Our partnership with Coach-Net helps separate us from the competition.” David says that his customers love the peace of mind they have when they have Coach-Net. Customers can take their RVs pretty much anywhere they may want to go knowing that no matter where they travel to, or what time of day it may be, Coach-Net is there to help them. They always have someone ready to help them when they really need it. “It’s difficult for me to help a customer when they’re no longer at my dealership. Luckily, Coach-Net is there to help me take care of my customers. The best advice I can give anyone else partnering with Coach-Net is that the value far outweighs the cost.”

David and his cast of characters at World Wide RV may not always be aware that they’re helping customers make memories, but they definitely know that they’re having fun. Thank you, David and everyone at World Wide RV for allowing Coach-Net to join you in all the fun. Thank you, World Wide RV, for being your customers’ connection to carefree RVing.

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