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Everyone has heard the phrase “Not all heroes wear capes.” While it’s often used in jest to overdramatize a situation, I would argue it is not used nearly enough to recognize the often overlooked and unsung heroes of daily life. The man who gives up his seat on the bus is truly a hero to the elderly woman now able to sit and rest due to his small act of kindness. Someone who delivers a meal to a family overwhelmed with the exhaustion of a newborn, or a family struggling with an illness, or to someone grieving a loss, is a hero to those people suffering at that moment. Sometimes the actions are big and sometimes they might seem quite small, but every time you help another person, your actions can mean the world to the person you’re assisting.

Tech Training

When people call Coach-Net, it’s usually because they need help. Sometimes it’s for something big. Maybe their RV broke down and they need a tow. Other times it can be for something relatively small. Maybe their water heater is not working. It may not be a life or death issue, but they desperately want a hot shower. Here at Coach-Net, we have a diverse team of trained professionals ready to help RVers with a broad range of issues. And the backbone of our vast operations is our team of expert technicians. Simply put, our technicians are RV experts and they’re all ours. We have RVIA and RVDA Master Certified Technicians and they actually work in-house here at Coach-Net which is just one of the things that make Coach-Net unique to so many other roadside assistance companies and call centers.

In-House RV Technicians

Unlike many other roadside assistance companies, we have actual RV certified technicians and we don’t need to contract out to another company for their services because they work directly for Coach-Net. One of the huge benefits of this is the interaction our technicians are able to have with all of our dispatch agents. Our agents work side-by-side with our technicians giving them direct access to their vast knowledge and experience allowing our agents the opportunity to continuously grow in their understanding and skills. In fact, our lead technician is heavily involved in the agent training process even teaching several of the classes herself. Our techs are the ones who know the manufacturer safety regulations, and necessary equipment for varying RV services because they train directly with the manufacturers. That’s why part of their responsibilities include ensuring our agents are trained on the unique and detailed needs of RVs and RV components so that we can properly help our customers.

RV Tech Monitor

Living Our Core Values

Coach-Net is driven by seven basic values that we strive to incorporate into everything we do. However, we seek to take it even further by using it as the foundation for which we build everything. Anyone in our office can see “Our Values” proudly displayed on our wall as a vigilant reminder of who we are as individuals and as a company. Honesty. Humility. Integrity. Family. Excellence. Courage. And listed at the base of that list is “Servant’s Heart.” That is the wellspring from which everything we do flows. And our team of dedicated technicians frequently leads from this cornerstone. Our Lead Technician and Technical Services Manager, Lacey Pintado, says that in her 13 years of working for Coach-Net, she still gets excited watching others discover their passion for helping RVers. “I think one of the most rewarding parts of my job is helping agents learn and advance in their RV knowledge. I love seeing our agents progress in their training and discover a passion for RVs and the RV lifestyle. It’s great knowing I helped them discover and develop a passion many of them never would have guessed they had in them.”

Coach-Net's Values


Specialized Training

Coach-Net agents go through multiple levels of training with the long-term opportunity of working their way up to become a Coach-Net technician. We have three different levels of training with each one taking about a month to master before advancing to the next level. They begin with RV Basic which is essentially a general introduction to RVs and how to handle basic roadside assistance services RVers need. After they’ve learned the different types of RVs from pop-ups to fifth wheels, to varying types of motorized units along with all of their unique needs, agents get promoted to Level 2 – House Specialist training and round out their RV training with Level 3 – Chassis Specialist Training. At the completion of each level, agents must take a comprehensive test and then a month later before advancing to the next level of training they must pass a retention test confirming they have learned and mastered that level of training.


Journeys Of Our Techs

Some of our technicians have worked their way through training starting at the entry-level of basic training and have steadily advanced within operations to eventually become technicians. But we also have several technicians that joined the Coach-Net team after years of experience outside of Coach-Net. Whether they started within Coach-Net or joined us from another avenue, they all share the same quality: Servant’s Heart. Terry Ingle, our newest technician to join the Coach-Net family is a stellar example of a Servant’s Heart. With roughly thirty years of experience in the RV industry, Terry has served in numerous technical roles with varying dealerships and manufacturers. At Holiday Rambler, Terry worked as a Research & Development Technician in the Engineering department building and engineering both towable and motorized RVs. With Four Winds, Terry traveled all across the country working closely with dealerships and their service departments introducing dealerships to new service techniques and providing general technical assistance where needed. From there Terry has worked with other manufacturers and RV dealerships and just recently found his way to Coach-Net joining our team of over the phone heroes.

RV Tech Terry

Interestingly enough, Terry is no stranger to being referred to as a hero. Before he got involved in the RV industry, Terry was a police officer in Indiana. Armed with his extensive knowledge and experience in the RV industry, and his special training as a police officer to remain calm in stressful situations, Terry says that he’s excited to continue his lifelong dedication to helping others in his new role. “Coach-Net is such a great company filled with so many incredible people. I’m just so excited to be working with such a great group of people in an industry that I truly love.”

Our Heroes

Life is about finding something you’re passionate about and figuring out how to use your passion to help others. Like Terry, some choose to become police officers helping others in sometimes stressful and scary situations. Police officers are, without a doubt, heroes. Others find reward in becoming teachers, helping others to learn. Teachers work to better both the lives of their students and the lives of everyone else those students eventually influence and help. Teachers are heroes. And to an RVer needing help, our Coach-Net technicians are heroes. Not all heroes wear capes; some sit in an office in Texas, armed with a phone and a computer, ready to save the day without ever leaving their desk.

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