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6 Clever Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Business' Website

There’s nothing more disheartening than seeing your website fail to get as much traffic as your competition. Small businesses don’t often have the same online marketing budget as larger brands. Because of this, coming up with a strategy to increase traffic can be a challenge. With that said, there are always a handful of tried and true ways to drive traffic to your website. Here are six clever ways to drive more traffic to your small business’ website.

Create a strategic partnership

Strategic Partnership

A clever way to drive more traffic to your site is by creating a mutually-beneficial partnership with another website. Find companies that are relevant to your niche, but don’t consider to be direct competition. It’s critical for small businesses to form partnerships with other brands. For example, if you own a brand that sells clothing and apparel, you can partner with a clothing blog.

Grab multiple domains

One sneaky way to drive traffic to your site is by purchasing multiple domains. You can then redirect users through these domains to your main website. If you find that people often misspell your site’s address, purchase similarly-sounding domains and direct users to where they actually need to be. Setting up simple 301 redirects is pretty inexpensive and can help you capture traffic that you would have otherwise missed.

Stay on top of your keywords

SEO Keywords

Keywords are going to be one of your main sources of traffic. Keywords are what people use to find your website. The more specialized the keywords, the better they are. Depending on the industry, relevant keywords will change every few months. Small businesses need to stay ahead of keyword trends. Find out what keywords people are using to discover your website. Then strategically place these keywords on your website and social media. But be careful not to overdo things. Using too many keywords can make your website look like spam and it can distract your audience from properly experiencing your content.

Focus on building up referral traffic

Referral traffic accounts for a significant amount of traffic that most websites receive. Most people will find your website through external links scattered throughout the web. These can be links from blogs to comments on Facebook or Reddit. As a small business, you’ll need to rely on referrals just as much as you would from organic traffic. Increasing referral traffic is a straightforward affair. Get more people to talk about your website. Specifically focus on getting your website noticed by high-authority, popular sources.

Update your site

Web Redesign

Don’t be afraid to give your website a facelift. Once in a while, you’ll need to update your website. Even established websites like Facebook or Google will make changes to their website after a few years. Giving your site a fresh new look can help drive traffic. While working on your site’s appearance, make sure to check that everything is working as intended. Check to see if every link is working, if certain pages need to be updated, and if the user experience is up to snuff. More importantly, make sure that your website looks great on mobile devices. Mobile users should have no trouble navigating and using your website.

Study your analytics

Analytics plays an important role in managing your website. Review your website’s Google Analytics on a consistent basis. Determine your website’s main sources of traffic. Are you getting visitors mostly from referrals, social media, or organic traffic? Analytics can help you understand which areas in your marketing campaign you need to pay more attention to. Specifically, focus on examining your website’s “bounce rate.” How quickly do people leave your site after visiting it? Find out what things you can do to keep them on your site. Analytics isn’t limited to your website’s organic traffic. You can also use analytics to better figure out how to market on social media and other platforms.

Small businesses need to be creative if they want to get the most out of their websites. These methods are not only clever but are also affordable. Get the most out your website by following these tips.

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