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Haley is our fun-loving, funny & spunky office manager here at Coach-Net! She has been essential to Coach-Net for the past year in making sure everything in the office is ship shape! She was able to take out our Airstream recently, here’s how it went!

Where did You go?

I took the Airstream to a small RV park just down the road from Lake Ray Roberts.

RV parks are ideal for first-time campers. Most have staff on-site in case you have any questions.

Was it your first time RVing?

I’ve been on trips with my family many times but, this was my first time towing.

I was nervous about it and my route was under construction. It was sort of like taking a driving course. I definitely felt more confident after that drive!

What is your fondest memory of the trip?

I really enjoyed getting the hands-on experience. Part of my responsibility as the office manager was co-creating a user guide for our employees so they understand the ins and outs of the RV. Typing this up was certainly different from just going out and learning what to do with what is right in front of you. I also enjoyed being able to explore the surrounding area! I saw several animals including this gorgeous deer that decided to come my way!


Would you go again?

Absolutely! I would really like to take the Airstream over to Caddo Lake in Uncertain, TX. That’s my favorite place to camp. Picture a New Orleans bayou without any people. It’s so peaceful and beautiful.

Why do you love RVing?

I feel less limited in a lot of ways. If I wanted to go somewhere by myself or just with the gals, we have a door that we can lock so we can be safe in our little Airstream. If weather becomes an issue, we can still cook or find an activity inside, the trip isn’t ruined.


My favorite thing is getting to know the people camping around me. You don’t have to have anything else in common to talk about but RV trips and how they love the lifestyle. That alone makes for some very interesting conversation.

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