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10 Tips to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the key to business success. A happy customer is more likely to become a repeat customer, and customers impressed by the service they received will tell their friends about their positive experience.

Of course, you cannot please all the customers all the time. But you can take steps to ensure that most of them walk away with a smile on their face. Here are ten tips to help you increase the number of satisfied customers your business has.

1. Make Customer Service a Priority

If you want to increase customer satisfaction, you will need to ensure that everyone working in the business is on board. So, make sure that all your employees are aware of the importance of customer service. A single encounter with an employee the wrong attitude is all it will take for a customer to get a poor impression of the company. So, the entire team, from the top down, must be made aware that the customer always comes first.

2. Humanize Your Brand

Humanize Your Brand Automation saves money, but people are getting tired of talking to machines. Any company that personalizes their services in this high-tech age can set themselves above the competition. Try to show that there are humans behind the brand. Take the time to deal with customers face to face whenever it is possible, and use the same type of language that your customers would likely use in correspondence and on your website.

3. Don’t Waste Customer’s Time

Everyone is busy these days, and no one appreciates having their time wasted. So, be conscious that your customer’s time is valuable. If you offer home delivery, for example, try to provide specific enough delivery slots that customers do not have to stay at home for an entire day. If you use an automated telephone system, don’t make people listen to unnecessary long-winded messages. If you run a store, make sure there are enough store workers available at peak times.

4. Offer Better Value

Free CoffeeEveryone likes to get a good deal, so look at ways to add more value to your products or services. Even better, try to identify ways to include something extra for free when a customer makes a purchase. If you build the cost of the added value items into your prices, the business won’t lose out. If you currently charge extra for delivery, for example, add the delivery cost on to the product price, and offer free delivery. If you aren’t currently offering beverages to customers at your dealership, perhaps offer them free water or coffee while the browse through RVs. 

5. Reward Loyalty

Don’t reserve all your best prices for new customers. Loyal customers deserve a thank you as well. And don’t wait until a customer threatens to go elsewhere before you offer them a better price. Offer loyalty discounts or rewards to all existing customers. Showing your customers that you appreciate their loyalty will increase customer retention and improve the public reputation of your brand.

6. Say Thank You More Often

People like to feel appreciated, so take the time to thank customers at every opportunity. If someone makes a sales inquiry but doesn’t buy, then thank them for their interest, because they may come back another day. When a customer places an order, thank them on the order confirmation, the delivery note, and the invoice. And, if a customer makes a complaint, thank them for bringing the matter to your attention. Showing gratitude is an easy and cheap way to improve customer satisfaction.

7. Get Personal

Get PersonalKnowing who your customers are is an essential part of branding. But, if you learn more about your customers personally, you will be better placed to connect with them. Something as simple as a birthday card can make a customer feel valued. Or perhaps an invitation to an event that you know that your customers would enjoy. So, expand your use of customer relationship management software (CRM) to include the recording of personal details about your customers. Then, you will be able to enhance the personal aspects of the customer experience significantly.

8. Improve Response Times

No one likes to be kept waiting, so try to minimize the length of time customers are left waiting for a response from your company. Look at the response times for every contact that a customer will have the business. Whether it is answering a telephone call or replying to a comment left on social media, your response time is an indication of how much your company cares.

9. Ask for Customer Feedback

Ask For FeedbackThe best people to tell you how you could improve customer service are, of course, your customers. So, look for ways to get customer feedback, especially from new customers. Try, though, not to make your request for feedback too intrusive or time-consuming, because no one wants to spend too much time answering questions. You might also want to consider offering an incentive for customers to complete your customer surveys.

10. Monitor and Improve

Customer satisfaction can never be taken for granted. So, don’t assume that, just because customers are not complaining, they are happy. Often, dissatisfied customers do not complain. Instead, they demonstrate their dissatisfaction by going elsewhere for the products or services that you supply. So, continue to monitor the levels of customer satisfaction through customer surveys and tracking what people are saying online about your brand. Never stop trying to improve your customer service.


Increased customer satisfaction does not come from only one aspect of the customer experience. Customer satisfaction is generated through every contact a person has with the business. Monitoring customer satisfaction and implementing some of the above tips will help improve. However, improving customer satisfaction will require a team effort. So, every employee of the company will need to start putting customer service first.