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Camping With Coach-Net: Terry The RV Tech

Terry is fairly new to our family here at Coach-Net! And although he joined us at the beginning of January 2020, he has over 40 years of experience in the RV industry which makes him an amazing asset to have on our team! He loves the outdoors, classic cars, riding his Harley, and helping RVers enjoy a carefree lifestyle on the road! He recapped his trip for us, here’s what he had to say!

My wife and I were able to take the Coach-Net Airstream to the Vineyards Campground & Cabins in Grapevine Texas. It is a beautiful facility on the shore of Lake Grapevine and is city-owned and maintained. Our site was by the lake which made it especially beautiful at night when the lights from the marina nearby shown atop the water. We enjoyed 3 nights there and met some kind people who were also enjoying the facilities and beautiful weather that weekend. Thankfully, the trip went smoothly with no challenges or mishaps and I was even able to do a little maintenance on the camper.

Sundown At The Campsite

During our trip, I was able to do a bit of fishing. While I had a line in the water, a little boy named Diego walked over to me. He was 6 years old and while I offered to let him fish he was content to just keep me company and ask questions kids will do. He wanted to keep the fish I caught as pets but I was able to convince him that we needed to toss them back so they would be able to enjoy life in the lake. He reminded me of when my boys were that age and it was nice to have him as a company.

Terry Fishing

It was a great weekend, but it ended too soon. My wife and I plan to go there again sometime, the facilities were very nice and the people working there were super. In the meantime, we would love to take a tour of our beautiful state of Texas and explore some of the out-of-the-way places that this state has to offer.

When our family was young I happened to drive past a farm not too far from the small town where we lived. They had a small and very old “turtle” camper in their yard with a for sale sign on it that said 200 dollars. I went up to the house and gave him the 20 dollars I had in my pocket and told him I would be right back with the rest and something to pull it with. I parked it in my back yard and spent the next few weeks remodeling the inside, adding plumbing and electricity. We used that little camper for many years while our kids were growing up and made many memories with it. I sold it after the kids went to college to a young family who said they were going to use it to make memories with their family as well. I’m glad it could go to a good home.

Terry & Friends Around The RV

While my ideal RV has two wheels, one seat, an engine, handlebars, and a bedroll on the back, my wife’s is a house on wheels with a bed and restroom. So if I expect her to come along with me, we do it the way she wants! It is nice to be able to pull into a rest area, campground, or Walmart and just cook supper, take a shower, watch some TV, and go to sleep.

Terry's Wife Next To The Airstream

I’ve been in the RV business for 40 + years in every part of the industry there is and can attest to the fact that there are thousands of folks that are hooked on the RV lifestyle. There is a freedom that comes with it that draws you in and holds you and won’t let you go. You can tell you’ve got the fever when even though you’re glad to be home from being on the road, the next day you are already planning your next adventure.

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