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The Act Of Self-Care In Leadership

Hard work and sacrifice are two common mantras that successful businesspersons and leaders live by. However, all work and no play are never a good combination. Self-care is now a must-do for busy leaders in the modern world. So, what exactly is self-care and how can you work towards it?

Self-care Defined

At its core, self-care entails understanding what you need to be most effective in your role as a leader. It transcends physical health and touches on aspects of mental and psychological well-being as well. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a healthy work ethic but remember, you’re only human and overworking leads to burnout. So, here are a few things you can do to work towards self-care.

Take a Step Back

As a leader, the weight of responsibility and accountability often lies with you. Admittedly, you want your team or business to achieve the highest possible echelons of success. There’s a common misconception among leaders that stress can be a good catalyst for achieving better results. However, there’s great power in knowing when to take a step back and simmer down.

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Aside from the possible stress-related health risks, stress can create a dysfunctional dynamic in your organization. How you deal with stress can directly impact your employees. If you’re experiencing burnout, take a step back, detach from work, and rejuvenate yourself.

Establish a Good Support System

Your team is an integral part of your business or organization. As a leader, forming healthy relationships with your team goes a long way towards self-care. How? Your team is essentially your first support system and can provide the kind of leverage and support you need to perform your role.

Support System

Outside your workspace, there are family and friends who serve as another important support system. Striking a good work-life balance creates the sort of environment where you can separate your professional life from your personal life. Spend some quality with your significant other, play with the kids, or go walk the dog. Nurturing relationships goes a long way in self-care.

Get Sufficient Rest

Time is a precious resource, and no one understands that more than leaders, so much so that constant deadlines and late nights become a norm. Your body, however, wasn’t designed to operate at such extreme levels constantly. Rest remains a critical part of self-care.

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If your work schedule is too demanding, set aside one day in your week when you shut down shop early and head home. Even one night of sufficient sleep each week could go a long way in better performance.


Self-care isn’t an option; it should be an integral part of your professional life. Remember, your role as a leader depends on how well you take care of yourself. Setting aside a self-care regimen gives you the time to rejuvenate and reflect on how to achieve bigger and better goals. Give it a try.

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