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2021 Florida RV SuperShow Recap

The Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa is always one of our favorite events of the year … you never know what to expect. The weather can be crazy; this year it was mostly cold and rainy. The sites are quite entertaining; have you ever seen a covered wagon being pulled by a tiny armadillo? And the attendees are always fun to talk to, especially when they have dogs we get to pet! As anticipated, the show was a bit different this year due to the pandemic, but The Florida RV SuperShow was still an exciting week for everyone involved.

Attendance was definitely down this year, likely due to the pandemic, but every day was still filled with tons of fun. Workers and patrons were both entertained with the regular parades and the Coach-Net booth had its standard front-row view of the daily bagpipes’ performance. This last year practically everyone has gone virtual and the RV community is no different. We saw a big increase in the number of YouTubers and the number of RVers seeking education, information, and entertainment via RVing YouTubers and bloggers.

Speaking of trying new things – probably the most exciting thing our team encountered were all the new RVers! Typically, the annual Tampa event is a sort of reunion for many of Coach-Net’s most loyal customers. They make their yearly trek to the Sunshine State and can’t wait to stop by the Coach-Net booth to catch up with our team and update us on their most recent adventures. We always look forward to seeing our longtime friends, but this year we were met with so many new faces! We saw a huge increase in people brand new to RVing and lots of people looking to buy their very first RV. It was a great opportunity to chat with our new members, and future members, and to help them navigate the new and exciting challenges they’re now facing as RVers.

On par with everything else this last year, The Florida RV SuperShow was a bit different, but it was still a great time. We always love seeing our longtime members, connecting with our manufacturer and dealer partners, and meeting new owners excited to be joining the RV community. We can’t wait for next year!

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