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How to Boost Employee Performance with a Book Club

According to data from Statista, “The average daily time spent reading in the U.S. is 16.2 minutes.” Reading is a fundamental factor in enhancing cognitive development and providing you with a fun, stress-free activity. If you need to find ways to boost employee productivity in this new year, consider implementing a company book club. If your employees are working from home, your book club meetings may need to be held virtually.

We have recently implemented our own book club within our own sales team. It’s been a great opportunity for all of us to come together, have fun, and grow as a team. So far we have read 6 books as a team. They have all focused on different subjects, from how to specialize in our field, to personal growth, and then how to work better as a team.

Reading the books and then coming together on a weekly basis to review has helped us all have a better understanding of each other, how we think, as well as create opportunities to enhance what we are doing as a team for our company. We have learned so much about ourselves, as well as what we want to achieve as a group. It has kept us together and focused. On the flip side, it’s been nice to be able to meet and have discussions outside of our normal projects or sales meetings. We are all running a mile a minute, so it helps us to sit down, slow down, and bond outside our day-to-day tasks.

Cultivates Personal Development

Offering your employees the opportunity to participate in a book club can cultivate personal development. Encourage your employees to join a voluntary group like this so they can improve cognitive development, which can lead to improved productivity with daily work tasks. Ask your team members to suggest books that interest them to increase the participation level in the book club. If you can make this learning opportunity more enticing, it will increase the likelihood of optimal employee participation.

Increases Problem Solving Skills

There have likely been times when your employees need to think outside the box and find creative solutions to issues in the workplace as they focus on completing daily tasks and team projects. By giving them the opportunity to read books and discuss them with the group, you are providing an excellent opportunity for your employees to improve their problem-solving skills.

Enhances Team Building

If you want to improve productivity for your company, it is important to implement team-building activities into the workplace experience. When your employees participate in a book club, team building can be enhanced as they discuss the plot and character development in fiction books, and educational content from non-fiction books. You don’t want your employees to feel disconnected. Encourage them to participate in this book club so they can continue to develop positive relationships with coworkers.

Provides Positive Activity

Work can become monotonous for your employees as they complete the same tasks each day. That can lead to a lack of productivity amongst your team members. By providing this book club opportunity for them, you are giving them something to look forward to at work, which can break through the daily monotony.

Increase Employee Productivity Today

By offering a book club in your workplace, you can provide a positive activity for them to cultivate personal development, increase problem-solving skills, and enhance team building. These benefits can increase employee productivity and improve the bottom line for your business and make your company more successful in the new year.

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