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Demarcus and Me’Chelle Parker have been in the Coach-Net family for a total of 6 years now. Demarcus works as a Dispatch Center Agent and Me’Chelle works as our Talent Development Specialist. They were recently able to, with their two sweet boys, take the Airstream, Rosie on a trip to El Paso to see a couple co-workers that live out there! They are kind, RV-loving people who we’re thankful to have in our Coach-Net Family. Read on to see how their trip went!

Where did you go?

A few months ago, we took a trip to El Paso to see some friends and fellow co-workers (Gabie & Luis) here at Coach-Net! They work remotely now and we hadn’t seen them in a while, so we were super excited to head out there and spend some time with them. We also brought along our two beautiful children who were surprisingly quiet for the long ride! Bug (our oldest) loved seeing the trucks pass by as he tried to name each one of them.

How long was your trip?

With it being such a long drive for us, we wanted to make sure we stayed for plenty of time, so we decided to make it a week-long affair! The trip was amazing and there was something to do every day with our sweet friends.


Was this your 1st time RVing?

Actually, this was our second time RVing and I’ve loved it both times! The best part for me is being able to camp comfortably with my family.

Did you find anything challenging about your RV trip? 

The most challenging thing about the trip was the truck needed service. We had to buy and refill the transmission fluid because it was low. But that was a simple fix! We also had to navigate the RV through some mountains, it was our first time doing that so it was a little scary being that there were no guard rails. However, it was beautiful, and worth the angst! And of course, traveling with two little ones, we had to stop a few times for bathroom breaks, but aside from that, it was easygoing!

Would you go again?

Yes, I really want to go for Spring break or over the summer and spend another week in El Paso. We really loved it out there!

Where would you like to go next?

Our friend we visited, Gabie, wants to take us to Mexico soon so we’re planning on that for our next trip.

Why do you love RVing?

I love RVing because it gives us a chance to relax as a family in one place. Even though we live in the same house we all have different things we like to do. When we are RVing we get to spend quality time together.

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