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You can’t let one bad moment spoil a bunch of good ones.”

– Dale Earnhardt.

Everyone has had a bad experience at some point in their life. But some of the best people can take a bad experience and turn into something good. The story of Campers Inn RV began with one family taking a bad experience and turning it into a legacy of teamwork, service, integrity, and equality. Campers Inn RV has seen tremendous growth throughout the many years they’ve been in business, but it can all be traced back to one late afternoon over 50 years ago when one bad experience inspired a family to change the industry.

Anyone who has been camping has had a bad experience because something went wrong. Maybe you’ve had the misfortune of running over something in the road blowing multiple tires leaving you stranded miles from the nearest town. Perhaps you went hiking and got caught in torrential downpour only to return to camp and find that your tent has a hole in it. Or maybe you were new to RVing and mistakenly left the black tank valve open causing a series of problems to literally pile up. The point is, everyone has had a bad experience when camping. Luckily, more often than not, we can easily overcome our setback and not let that one bad experience ruin camping for us entirely. But it wasn’t at the campsite that the Hirsch family had a bad experience, it was at the dealership before they ever bought their first RV.

After years of tent camping and working hard to save up enough money, Arthur and Frances Hirsch, along with their three boys, went to a local dealership to purchase their first RV. But the salesmen could not have cared less that Arthur and his wife were there. The salesmen didn’t see them as important or worth their time because Arthur didn’t walk into the dealership wearing fancy clothes or driving a flashy car. Instead, Arthur having just gotten home from work, was still wearing his machinist uniform he wore as mold maker. The Hirsches were the average, hardworking American family, but that dealership acted like RVing was only for the elite. And it was that dealership’s dismissive attitude that inspired the entire Hirsch family to make RVing accessible and welcoming to everyone. So in 1966 Arthur and his family invested their life’s savings in four small pop-up trailers, and their brand new dealership set up camp on the family’s front lawn in Acton, Massachusetts. Equality has been the foundation of Campers Inn since those very first days in the Hirsch’s front yard. They were committed to treating customers equally and that also meant that from day one Arthur, Frances, and their sons Bob, David, and Jeff each played an equally important part working together to make their family dealership a success.

Over 50 years later the Campers Inn Family has grown to 28 dealership locations and the core values that Arthur, Frances, and their sons set are still the foundation in which the entire company operates. Rett Jaques is one of the more recent people to join the ever-expanding Campers Inn Family, but is no way a “Rookie”.  Rett had almost 20 years of experience in the RV industry when he joined Campers Inn as their National Finance Director 4 years ago. He had fallen in love with the industry long before he ever stepped foot in a Campers Inn dealership, but his passion for helping RVers has become even greater working with Campers Inn. “It was the idea that I could help families make memories together in their new RV that first drew me to the RV industry. It’s rewarding to see the smiles on our customers’ faces and know that our team helped make that happen.”

Rett Jaques

Just like when the family of 5 worked together to build the dealership from the ground up, teamwork is still one of the foundational principles of Campers Inn RV. And Campers Inn’s teamwork mentality extends far beyond the borders of their parking lots. Rett explains “That’s one reason we love Coach-Net. As our partner, they’re part of our team and I trust that they will be there for the customer if, and honestly when, they need help. It’s great peace of mind. I know I can rely on Coach-Net to take care of our customers because they have that same teamwork mentality that drives their services. Coach-Net has my back; and more importantly, they have the customer’s back.”

Campers Inn RV’s mission is to connect families from all walks of life to the RV lifestyle. Like Coach-Net, it’s their belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to spend time with their families relaxing in and exploring the outdoors. Rett says they work hard to make sure every customer’s experience is as carefree and enjoyable as possible. “That’s why Coach-Net is such a great partner; they help us deliver that high-end, carefree customer experience. It isn’t just about catering to the super wealthy; everyone deserves that high-end level of service no matter their status, but that means we need a great team of people working together to make that a reality. Coach-Net works as part of our team to help make RVing accessible to everyone.”

Campers Inn has come a long way from the Hirsch Family’s front yard. Since 1966 Campers Inn has been dedicated to continually improving themselves. They are always looking to enhance their services, provide the best products available, and discover new ways to invest in and inspire their team. According to Rett, they are not satisfied with being standard; “we want to be the best because that is what every customer deserves.” And here at Coach-Net we are proud to say that partnering with us was one of their most recent additions in their ongoing efforts to improve their customer experience. And since we’ve teamed up, Campers Inn has excelled as one of our top performing dealer partners. Campers Inn RV recently received Coach-Net’s 2020 Rising Star Award. And one of Rett’s team members, Campers Inn RV F&I Manager, Todd Towns earned the very competitive award of being one of Coach-Net’s Top 5 Performers for 2020. We’re proud to be part of their team, and we’re excited to contribute to the continued success of the ever-expanding Campers Inn Family.

Rett Jaques

“Our job is to connect hard-working customers with the right vehicle for the right price so that they can make priceless memories with their families. Everyone at Campers Inn feels privileged that we get to use our specialized knowledge to help make the dreams of hard-working families come true. There’s few things more rewarding than that.” When we asked Rett what advice he might have for new RVers, his answer was simple. “Enjoy the ride. And don’t forget to make sure the black tank valve is closed, or else you might have a bad experience.”

Thank you, Rett and everyone at Campers Inn RV, for choosing Coach-Net to be a part of your team. Thank you, Campers Inn RV, for being your customers’ connection to carefree RVing.

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