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This last week Coach-Net was incredibly excited to host Chet Dillenbeck, a Technical Trainer with Lippert Components. At Coach-Net, we pride ourselves on being a unique leader in the roadside assistance sector because we are “RV Experts”. We have earned that distinction through our own in-house RVTI Master Certified Technicians and through fantastic industry allies like Lippert Components who allow our technicians and our agents to learn directly from companies like Lippert. The hands-on knowledge that Chet was able to share with our team is invaluable. Our agents and techs loved learning all about Lippert components and appreciated how thorough Chet was. When he learned that we occasionally need to assist members with their horse trailers or boats, Chet went above and beyond helping us to better understand the various Lippert components utilized by many boats and horse trailers. And anyone familiar with Lippert probably recognizes that Chet’s giving attitude is very much reflective of the company’s values and culture.

Lippert Components set the standard of valuing family and serving others on Chet’s very first week with the company. Right before he was hired he and his wife had been gifted a vacation by a family member, so naturally Chet was nervous to see how his new employer would react when he brought it up to his supervisor. To Chet’s amazement, even though he had been with the company for less than a week and was far off from earning vacation time, the company not only allowed him to take the vacation – they encouraged it. “From that moment I knew I was in the right place. This is one of the best jobs I’ve ever had because of the people I work with. They genuinely care about me and that’s incredibly rare.” And he insists the key to the mindset permeating the entire massive company stems from one person: Jason Lippert. “Jason is truly community oriented. I simply can’t say enough nice things about him or the company. His generous and caring attitude sets the standard for every single employee at Lippert.”

Chet says the company’s priorities are straight forward: 1)Family, 2)Business, and 3)Everything Else. That’s one of their keys to success. Nothing comes before family. Everything is founded on the value of family. The company makes sure everyone knows that their families are a top priority, and the company does everything it can to make sure every employee knows that they are a part of the Lippert Family. “We’re one big family. Everyone has everyone else’s back. The company invests in us and makes sure we know that we are valued and appreciated. That’s the core of our company culture.” And upon visiting our call center for the first time, Chet was excited to see Coach-Net’s employee breakroom. “This area is amazing. This is the kind of thing that truly sets the tone for a company culture. It’s a place where employees can come to relax and have fun. It shows that the company cares about their personal well-being. And honestly it shows the Coach-Net’s company culture without a doubt matches up with Lippert’s values.”

It’s that kind of care that has obviously lit a passion within Chet. You can easily see it when he trains that he loves his job and he wants to ignite that same fire in whoever he’s teaching. He says it’s so rewarding seeing that “ah-ha moment” happen for a student and knowing that he helped them achieve that. “As a trainer, my job has an exponential impact. When I was a technician, I loved it. I loved being able to help a customer. But that limited me to helping one person at a time. By training other people, I’m helping multiple people at once and after training is complete, each of those individual students can go and help additional people.” And that seems to be a mission of Lippert Components: simply put – they want to change the RV industry.

Lippert is continually updating and advancing their technology to better accommodate RVers. A component might work perfectly, but if they can find a way to improve upon it, or to make it easier for the customer to use, then they have proved time and time again they will make the change. Their touch pad system is a perfect example. According to Chet, it’s easily the fastest changing and advancing component they produce. They’re also dedicated to educating as many people as they can about their components. “Having well trained 3rd party call centers and OEMs benefits everyone. It splits the load across the industry and makes help more accessible to the customer. Lippert’s “Care Center” is only open until 7pm EST, but when a customer has Coach-Net they can call for help 24/7. That’s why it’s so important to us to make sure Coach-Net technicians and agents have as much knowledge as possible about Lippert products. It’s companies like Coach-Net that help us take care of our customers.”  

Thank you, Chet for visiting our call center and taking the time to train our technicians and our agents on all of the ever-evolving Lippert products. Thank you, Chet and everyone at Lippert Components, for being your customers’ connection to carefree RVing.

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