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Employee happiness is integral to the success of any and every organization. In fact, studies show that happy employees tend to perform better, miss fewer workdays, and are more supportive of changes the organization implements. Conversely, a workforce that feels unhappy will not give their all to the company, which can harm the entire organization. 

There are numerous reasons why employee happiness is good for your business. Just to mention a few: it helps to reduce turnover rate, promotes creativity, employees offer quality customer service, it improves productivity, and enhances decision-making, etc. 

Thankfully, keeping employees happy does not require much; even simple things like being transparent and honest can go a long way in keeping them cheerful. That said, read on to see simple ways to keep your workforce happy and productive: 

Create growth opportunities

Employees are more likely to work hard if the organization offers opportunities for them to grow and improve in their specific fields. Whether through educational programs, promotions, insurance, or giving them a raise, creating room for growth is a sure way to keep workers happy and motivated. In other words, your workforce has no reason to put extra effort if they are not working toward something meaningful. 

To create growth opportunities in your organization, allow enough room for employees to take risks and make mistakes, but of course, with guidance and clear direction. In the process, you will be ensuring continual happiness and motivation. 

Make employees feel valued

Happiness and productivity in an organization are largely dependent on whether employees feel valued and appreciated. Therefore, as an employer, it is your duty to encourage workers when appropriate. For instance, thank them when they do a good job and avoid punishing them for mistakes without first engaging them or providing the necessary guidance.  

Moreover, it is important to show concern for your employees’ wellbeing, including mental and psychological health. Here, you can promote an environment that supports healthy mental growth, and as you do so, you will be preventing health problems while improving employee performance for the benefit of the company.

Prioritize work-life balance 

Creating a work-life balance for employees has many benefits, not only to the employees but also to the organization: In addition to improving the physical and mental wellbeing of workers, it helps employers reduce absenteeism rate, save on costs, and promote a loyal and productive workforce. 

Organizations can create a work-life balance for employees by allowing flexibility between personal and professional life. Offering more vacation time, setting boundaries and work hours, and encouraging workers to create time for family, are some of the ways you can help promote work-life balance for your employees. 

Encourage communication and transparency

Organizations should create an environment where employees can communicate and share ideas freely. Through effective communication, individuals get to brainstorm issues regarding the company, address the various challenges, which accordingly helps the company achieve its ultimate goals. 

Employers should also strive to make the organization as transparent as possible. Be sure to inform workers about the company’s expectations as well as the steps they should take to achieve them. Ensuring everyone is on the same page can help keep employees focused, happy, and productive.  

Give benefits that matter  

Providing the right benefits for your employees is key to their overall happiness and productivity. By engaging your workers, you are able to understand what they need and the benefits that matter most to them. For example, some will desire gym memberships, others retirement benefits, and some will ask for better insurance cover. 

Whatever your employees desire, make an effort to give it to them. This way, you will not only be keeping them happy and productive, but you will also keep them dedicated to growing your organization. 

Final thoughts

Indeed, keeping your employees happy is the most rewarding thing you can do as the leader of your organization. When workers are happy, they are more motivated to achieve productivity for their personal as well as organizational benefit. 

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