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The world is open again and our Sales Team is back on the road! And just this last month we had an amazing time at the WIT Club’s Grand National Rally in Forest City, Iowa. The WIT Club has over 16,000 members so the annual gathering in Iowa is always exciting. As a partner with Winnebago, our team attends the event every year to support Winnebago and its members.

The WIT Rally is one of our favorite events we have the privilege of attending because it allows us to support and connect with one of our oldest partners and it gives us the opportunity to meet face-to-face with their members. Being able to answer customer questions in person and educate them about the Coach-Net benefits Winnebago provides their members is an enormous value for everyone involved.

Anyone who purchases a new Winnebago RV receives 1 year of Coach-Net roadside and technical assistance courtesy of the manufacturer. Winnebago appreciates the great investment their members make when purchasing a Winnebago RV, and they also understand that their members will likely need a helping hand at some point when they’re traveling down the road. That’s why Winnebago makes sure that all of their new RV owners have 24/7 access to Coach-Net services. But in order to fully utilize your benefits, you first have to know what they are. That’s why we love attending the Grand National Rally every year. We want to make sure members understand the great value that Winnebago has given them, and we want to make sure those members know exactly how to utilize their benefits.

Coach-Net hosted a booth giving members direct access to our team allowing us to meet with them one-on-one. And Winnebago even allowed our Partner & Customer Relations Manager, Lora Smith, to lead a special seminar educating Winnebago customers about the details of their membership. It was so amazing to see our partners in person and we loved being able to once again connect face-to-face with our members.

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