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“Nobody plans to fail. They just fail to plan.” – Anonymous.

Everyone loves planning fun stuff like parties and vacations, but there are a ton of things in life we have to plan for that are less than enjoyable. In fact, some can be downright depressing. Things like planning a study schedule, a boring business meeting, or even making plans for that root canal you’ve been putting off. Much to everyone’s disappointment, life isn’t a rollercoaster that only goes up. It inevitably goes down and sometimes, if you’re not prepared, you can get caught, stuck in the slump between the sunny summits of joy. To the surprise of many, RVing is a decent mix of planning for the fun stuff and sometimes the less fun stuff.

One moment you can be cruising down the road, passing under the shadows of the moss strewn trees, practically bubbling with anticipation of what you’ll do first when you finally get to the theme park. You’re riding that high, climbing that rollercoaster, sitting on the edge of your seat.

RV Family On Roller Coaster

You can practically taste that thrilling whoosh of wind filling your face making your eyes crease in excitement. Click-click. Click-click. You’re almost there. The rollercoaster climbs the track, like a clock ticking down to blast-off. Click-click. Click-click. Click-click. Just a little bit further and you’ll feel that fading swirl of excitement flood your stomach escaping through ringing shrieks of laughter. Click-click. Click-click. BOOM! You have derailed. Just a few minutes ago you were planning your attack on the theme park, but now you’re stuck on the side of the freeway with the red burning sun tormenting your forehead. It’s summer in Florida and you’re pretty sure your shoes are melting into the hot tar of the roadway. You definitely didn’t plan for that. And you most definitely didn’t plan to blow a tire on your brand-new RV during its maiden voyage. You don’t have a spare, and even if you did, there’s no way you could put it on your RV all by yourself. Numbers spiral through your mind like one of those old-school registers. The digits keep flipping, going higher and higher, as the register dings with every expense. If you haven’t planned for this foreseeable hurdle, then your vacation budget is probably going to take a major hit. Months and months of planning and budgeting thrown out the window because of the one thing you didn’t plan on happening.

Every time one of your customers calls and tells us they just blew a brand new tire, as RVers ourselves, we can immediately relate to their frustration. And when we learn that they’re having to come up with money they didn’t budget for, we feel even worse for them. They worked hard saving and planning for their family vacation and just one angry object carelessly discarded in the road can destroy not just their tires and wheels, but their entire vacation in a matter of minutes. As RVers ourselves, we knew there had to be a better solution for our members, so we decided to become that solution. We are excited to announce that we have redeveloped our tire and wheel protection program to better reflect the benefits we want as RVers ourselves. Coach-Net’s new and improved Hazard Protect Tire & Wheel Protection has been specifically created for RVers by RVers, and developed special for our dealer partners.

Enhanced Features:

  • UNLIMITED RV Tire Replacements Annually – your customers can call as many times as they need whenever they ruin a tire due to a road hazard and we will cover the costs of their tire replacement.
  • 2 Auto Tire Replacements Annually – road hazards don’t discriminate whether your customers are driving the 5th wheel you sold them or their truck towing it. That’s why we will now cover the costs to replace up to 2 tires each year for your customer’s registered auto.  Also, autos do not have to be attached to the covered RV.
  • $800 Wheel Damage Cap – previously we only covered up to $300 annually for wheel damage, but we know wheel repairs can add up quick and your customers deserved more.
  • No Vehicle Age Limit – we previously limited coverage to vehicles 15 years or younger. But now our Hazard Protect Tire & Wheel Protection matches our 24/7 Protect Technical & Roadside Assistance meaning we will cover any unit you sell your customer, no matter how old the unit may be.
  • No Tire Event Cap – previously we limited it to 5 events annually, but we’ve now matched your tire events to be unlimited just like your RV tire replacements.
  • No Wheel Event Cap – we previously limited our program to 2 wheel events annually, but as RVers we wouldn’t want to be stuck just because we had one too many issues with our wheels, so we removed the cap on this feature too.

And the best part is, our program still not reimbursement based meaning we pay for everything upfront for Hazard Protect members. While most other tire & wheel protection programs are reimbursement based, Coach-Net customers won’t have to worry about coming up with money when they’re on the side of the road and they won’t have to worry about whether their claim for reimbursement will be denied. The whole point of having Tire & Wheel protection is to protect RVers from unexpected expenses. Having to pay upfront just to then worry about whether they will get reimbursed on the back end after their claim has been approved isn’t a great solution when you and your family are stranded on the side of the freeway. Once you sell your customer Coach-Net Hazard Protect, we will service and pay for all of the listed program benefits.

Man working on flat tire

On the rollercoaster of life, dips and sudden turns are expected. In fact, they’re inevitable. The good news is that means they’re foreseeable. And that means you can help your customers plan ahead to ensure their adventure doesn’t get derailed. With our new and improved Coach-Net Hazard Protect Tire & Wheel Protection you can truly be your customers’ connection to carefree RVing.

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