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Coach-Net is so proud and excited that Lacey Pintado, Coach-Net’s Technical Services Director, was recognized at RV Pro magazine’s 40 Under 40 awards ceremony during the 2021 RVDA Convention/Expo.  This prestigious award is designed to recognize up-and-coming leaders from all across the RV industry.  Candidates are nominated by co-workers and over 120 nominations were received.

Lacey’s career in the RV industry started when she was 16 years old and worked as a roadside assistance dispatch agent with Coach-Net.  She, then, studied hard and worked her way up to be an RV technician, then a manager, and now the Director of Technical Services where she leads our RV technician team.  She possesses many certifications to ensure she has the most up-to-date information on RVs and their components so she can best serve our members.  These include, but are not limited to:

-RVTI Level 4 Master Certified Tech

-Certified RV Service Writer/Advisor

-Spartan Technical Training

-Winnebago Industries Service Training

-Airstream Factory Technician Training

As the Director of Technical Services, Lacey has the incredibly important job of leading our in-house RV technician team.  This team takes phone calls from customers who may be stranded on the side of the road or who may have issues with one of their countless RV components not operating correctly, whether it be their slideouts or their refrigerator. She and her team try and diagnose the issue over the phone and help walk the customer through fixing the issue.  This, in many cases, helps to avoid having to take the RV into service and alleviating any unnecessary expenses on the part of the RVer.

Continuous learning and growing is very important to Lacey.  As technologies advance and RVs change, it’s imperative that Lacey and her team always stay educated. She and her team continually attend manufacturer trainings on different RV components and host manufacturer-led trainings at the Coach-Net office.

Her team has also built a “tech table” from scratch.  This table includes several RV components that you normally can’t see on a fully built RV, including water heater anode rods, plumbing, tanks and tank sensors. The electrical wiring works just like a real RV and even the plumbing works. This fully functioning table gives our agents hands-on training and visibility into the various RV components so that we can best help members when they need us the most.  The more seamless the process is for RVers when something does go wrong with their RV, the more likely it is for them to continue to RV. Lacey is committed to enhancing the RV experience for all by fully supporting and promoting Coach-Net’s mission of carefree RVing, ensuring the RV industry continues to grow.

Lacey’s passion for knowledge does not stop with her team.  Lacey is a member of the RVTI Curriculum Committee. This committee approves change to curriculum standards (DACUM) and test content, drafts, reviews, and approves changes to curriculum content and recommends certification passing scores to Certification Commission.

Lacey is an incredible leader.  She continually demonstrates her ability to encourage and motivate others while using her profound RV knowledge to work collaboratively with her team and problem solve. With the onset of COVID, the RV industry has seen unprecedented growth. With more RVs on the road and more roadtrips being taken, RV roadside assistance has also increased in demand.  Lacey’s department of RV Technicians have been in high demand, and she had to move quickly to grow her team and ensure everyone is certified and qualified to answer questions from travelers and to troubleshoot RV issues they may have on the road. She maneuvered her team and adjusted to the growth by coordinating on-demand training that she leads herself, continuously adapting to meet the daily demands of the number of calls coming in and ensuring her team has the most up-to-date information on different RV components in order to best serve the customer.  For example, she recently organized a training session with Lippert Components. Their trainer came to the Coach-Net office and provided a 2-day session for her staff that included information on jacks, slides, awnings, and axles/suspension.

Lacey also started an “RV Core” team. This gives dispatch agents a glimpse into the world of the RV tech to see if they would be interested in pursuing certifications to become an RV-certified tech.  This team followed an advanced RV training curriculum, that Lacey developed.  Four of Coach-Net’s current RV tech team members became techs due to this program that Lacey started.

Lacey is a member of RVWA (RV Women’s Alliance). As you can imagine, there are not many women RV Technicians in the RV industry. She encourages women who want to become RV technicians as she currently has 2 other women on her RV technician staff.  She continually inspires and sets an amazing example of hard work and a strong work ethic that goes beyond her team of RV technicians to the entire Coach-Net family.

Finally, Lacey not only lives and breathes RV at work, she and her husband, Jeff, own a 5th wheel and go camping with their daughter, Zoey, quite often.  They are avid RVers and have even had to perform few repairs on their 5th wheel, putting their knowledge of RVs to work outside of office hours.

Congratulations, Lacey, and thank you for all the contributions you make every day!

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