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Business models often call for a large group of team members. While many businesses focus on team building, individuals are often looked over. Productivity expectations and other group goals leave little time to care for each person separately. It is important, however, to remember that your team is made up of many different people. Each one works differently and has various talents. Time spent on improvement will build an employee, and a relationship, you want to keep long-term. There are a few key aspects to focus on when working with your team members. Surprisingly, most depend on effort from those in charge.


Many companies hire with a specific ideal employee in mind. This may not be the best approach, however. Start with a variety of people. This will make sure you have a team that covers many different angles. Get to know your employees separately. You can do this by pulling them aside to discuss a project, or simply talking to them in the break room. The goal is to see how they approach work and react to others. This information will help you to place the person in their most productive roles.


There are times when you need to stop giving orders and start listening to your employees. You may find out many interesting facts about people you have worked with for years. There may also be problems that go unseen from a management perspective. Employees that feel cared for perform better overall. They come to work with a better sense of security and purpose.

Be Flexible

You will be surprised what a little flexibility can accomplish. Offer a single mom a later start time so she can get her kids off to school, for example. If a father wants to attend his son’s baseball game once a week, let him come in earlier so he can leave on time. Educational goals should always be supported, as well. Life does not always adhere to predetermined guidelines. You will get more dedication from team members that feel you are dedicated to them.

Allow for Mistakes

Employees are often treated as disposable objects. Many companies fire individuals after a certain number of mistakes. This harbors fear in workers and inhibits growth. Fear of job loss may keep an employee from trying something new on a project. Growth comes from mistakes, plain and simple. Regularly remind employees of your expectations and work with them to accomplish company goals.

Personal Problems

Everyone has a life outside of work. While shallow excuses should not be tolerated, there may be more to the story. Try not to jump to conclusions until you do a little investigating. Perhaps an employee has been late because their car is in the shop or they have a new baby at home. Many adults are dealing with common issues. Some of these include aging parents, searching for a home, or complications with children. These can all demolish a good work schedule by contributing to sleep deprivation and poor self-care. This is another opportunity to be creative and flexible with solutions, rather than send the person packing.

It is common practice to keep work a clearly professional environment, with little room for personal complications. This is not always a realistic approach, as employees all have a personal side. Most companies want a hard-working, dedicated, and motivated individual. This can be accomplished by allowing for some flexibility in otherwise rigid business environments. Team members that feel secure and cared for will respond with increased productivity and a sincere attitude.

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