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Excellence. It’s one of our core values at Coach-Net. We strive to exhibit it in our own actions, but we also seek partners who are driven by that same guiding principle. We want to be the best and that means we want to work with the best all for the goal of creating the best RV experience for the customer. This year’s Top Performer Award saw great competition from partners all across the US and Canada, but there was one that stood above the rest. We are excited to announce that Jadyn Halabi with GO RV in Edmonton, Alberta is Coach-Net’s 2021 Top Performer.

Our top performer is selected by two key factors: their penetration rate and their nomination letter. We care about the quantifiable number regarding how well they sell Coach-Net, but their commitment to the program and how they daily display our Coach-Net values is even more important. Jadyn had an excellent penetration rate in 2021, but her values have aligned with ours long before she even joined the RV industry. Being the youngest of a family of five, Jadyn understands the importance of and prioritizes her family. After that, Jadyn is constantly driven by her goals to achieve in all areas of life. Jadyn is a “go-getter.” She wants to be the best, but she understands that you only reach that achievement by being consistent in her daily pursuit of excellence. And she is unwavered in her pursuit. The Covid-19 pandemic through massive curveballs to everyone, but Jadyn pushed through and adapted to the situation. Jadyn joined GO RV about 3 years ago as a Finance Manager, but the pandemic temporarily necessitated her moving to sales. With a servant’s heart, Jadyn was a team player and took on the role the dealership needed her to fill. After six months Jadyn was excited to return to the Finance Department. “When times are tough for everyone, Jadyn is always the one to see things through. And she does so while bringing humor and light to every interaction.”

Jadyn loves working in the RV industry because she loves camping. She honestly thinks there is nothing better than sitting around a campfire while watching the sunset with your loved ones. “The idea of selling an experience, something people love to do, and helping people make new memories with their family/ friends has made me fortunate to be in this industry.”  For Jadyn, it’s all about helping her customers create memories that will last a lifetime. And she takes care of her customers by making sure they leave her office with everything they need to have a truly carefree RVing experience. “My absolute favorite thing about Coach-Net would be how easy it is to use the app. I have it on my phone to show clients of all ages how to use it, and they do agree that it is user-friendly and straightforward. And if clients or I ever need a question answered or have a dilemma, the Coach-Net team has always been amazing to deal with.”

Jadyn was quite surprised to learn that she had been nominated for our top performer award and was incredibly grateful to be selected as Coach-Net’s Top Performer for 2021. “It is one thing to love what you do and love a service you provide like Coach-Net. It is another to be recognized for it. I feel super fortunate to be a top performer. Everyone has their days of self-doubt, but this really helped me put things into perspective knowing I am being recognized for all the hard work.”

Congratulations to Jadyn on such a successful year. We’re so happy that we have the privilege of partnering with you and your team at GO RV. Thank you so much for all the many nominations, we enjoyed reading each and every one of them. Thank you to all our partners, we’re looking forward to another successful year!

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