Every year, Coach-Net, a premier provider of RV technical and roadside assistance for 35 years, honors its hardworking employees with an Employee Appreciation Week full of festivities, engagement, and celebration. This year was a bit different as Coach-Net included 4 very special guests, Jayco/Entegra, Lippert, Airstream, and Winnebago to join in on the fun and experience the unique Coach-Net culture, discuss partnership updates and tour their new office headquarters in Grapevine, TX.

“Transparency, open communication, and accountability are very important to us, and what’s more transparent than inviting our partners to our home”, said Laura Mastronardi, Coach-Net Client Relationship Executive. “We were extremely honored that Jayco/Entegra, Lippert Airstream and Winnebago could be a part of our Employee Appreciation Week.”

Each special guest started their visit with a tour of Coach-Net’s headquarters where they were immediately immersed in the RV lifestyle.  They were able to view pictures of Entegra, Airstream and Winnebago RVs decoratively adhered to windows in the Coach-Net lobby and photo canvases of Coach-Net employees out enjoying the company RVs displayed on the call center floor. The office tour also included images of Coach-Net members sharing memories of their travels. These displays serve as a reminder to employees and visitors of Coach-Net’s ultimate mission which is to provide a carefree RVing experience so members can focus on making memories with their friends and family.

“I always knew what Coach-Net was for”, stated Joyce Skinner, Jayco/Entegra Director of Customer Experience, “but never realized as to what depths you go to promote the lifestyle for your employees in order to completely understand the need of our customers.  Walking into your offices, it was very welcoming, and I could certainly tell what business you were in because the atmosphere you have created.  Thank you so much for going above and beyond to assist owners in need.”

Guests then had the opportunity to experience live RV technician training as Lippert Components was also on-site to provide hands-on instruction and guidance to Coach-Net’s own in-house RV technicians. The knowledge gained in these trainings is invaluable as they are able to stay up to date on the latest RV features and accessories in order to provide the best instructions to Members who call in for their help.

“I always look forward to my weeks down in Texas with the Coach-Net team”, commented Chet Dillenbeck, Lippert Technical Instructor.  “You can tell how much their company cares for their employees and is committed to training them to prepare them for their careers and to better serve their customers.  Their employees are knowledgeable, eager to learn and ask well-thought-out questions.  Lippert is thankful for the continuing partnership with this team, and we look forward to what we will do in the years to come.”

 In addition to the live training sessions, guests were also able to see, touch and feel the custom “tech table” that was built by their RV technician team. This table includes several RV components that normally can’t be seen on a fully built RV, including water heater anode rods, plumbing, tanks, and tank sensors. The electrical wiring works just like a real RV and even the plumbing works.  This fully functioning table gives Coach-Net technicians more hands-on training so they can best help Memberswhen they need it most.  The more seamless the process is for RVers when something goes wrong with their RV, the more likely it is for them to continue to RV.

PJ Clanton, Entegra Motorized Technical Training Manager mentioned, “My original thought behind roadside assistance was merely finding someone the nearest facility or repair technician, but since my visit, I have learned it is much more.  Coach-Net is not just a roadside assistance program, it’s an extended family for travelers in need.  Everything they do is based around the lifestyle of an RVer.  It was amazing to see just how much time and effort goes into each customer’s needs to make it back on the road.  I am impressed and honored to work alongside Coach-Net for our customer’s needs!  Job Well Done!”

Following the office tour and peek into their RV technician training, guests were allowed to sit with dispatch agents and RV technicians and listen to live calls to better understand Coach-Net’s entire dispatch process. “Dispatching a roadside assistance event is not always cut and dry and can be complicated at times, especially when towing large complex vehicles. It’s great to be able to share that process with our partners,” emphasized Kim Gregory, Coach-Net VP of Sales.

“It was great to be a part of the employee appreciation week at Coach-Net”, said Justin Humphreys, Airstream VP of Sales.  “I enjoyed meeting the impressive team of men and women on the other end of the phone working hard to solve customer problems 24 hours a day.  Coach-Net’s recent investment in their new call center was also very impressive and shows their commitment to RV customers across the industry for years to come.  I would also like to thank our dealer partner, Airstream of DFW for joining me during the visit.  Airstream knows the importance of our dealer partners in satisfying our customers day in and day out, and Aaron Vogt’s contributions as a dealer were very helpful and insightful as we continue to find ways to make the customer experience better, together.”

Aaron Vogt, Airstream of DFW President, added, “I want to thank everyone from the incredible team at Coach-Net for being so welcoming during our visit.  I was incredibly impressed by the facility, the consistent training, and the quality of their services as it was happening right in front of me.  I left impacted by our shared value of a servant’s heart for RV’ers everywhere, and the amazing people of Coach Net’s desire to partner with us to make a real difference in total customer experience.  I am incredibly thankful to have business partners such as Airstream and Coach-Net spend quality time discussing changing the industry for the better, by putting the customer first.  I am very excited to see what we can all do together after this truly refreshing experience.”

During Winnebago’s visit, Dean Casad, Winnebago Director of Customer Support, was able to attend Coach-Net’s monthly RV Awards where employees are recognized for embodying the company’s core values of Honesty, Integrity, Humility, Courage, Family, Excellence and Servant’s Heart. In addition, Dean was given the opportunity to speak with Coach-Net employees and share recent Winnebago videos about their brand, culture and reveal 500,000th Winnebago RV built.

“Our 30-year history speaks for Coach-Net’s value as a partner to Winnebago and our customers”, expressed Casad. “It was a pleasure to visit Coach-Net’s new facility.  It reflects the quality of their employees and commitment to RVers everywhere.”

Their visits each ended with a review of their partnerships and discussing future goals ensuring that they continue to grow and prosper together. “These conversations help us all gain a mutual understanding of our partners’ business processes and models, ultimately enabling us to provide a customized solution and contribute to the overall success of our partners and the RV industry”, concluded Mastronardi. For additional information regarding Coach-Net or its partner programs, please visit partner.coach-net.com or call Coach-Net directly at 800-863-6740.

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