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Following up is a crucial part of any sales process. When you follow up with a customer, you show that you care about their needs and wants. You also demonstrate your commitment to helping them achieve their goals. By following up appropriately, you will be able to close more sales, keep your existing customers happy, and ultimately increase your profits.

If you want to close more sales and make more money, consider the following seven tips when following up with your customers:

1. Always follow up on phone calls with an email.

Even if you spoke with the prospect themselves on the phone. Always be prompt. The best time to follow up on phone calls is right after you get off the phone. Send the person a quick email thanking them for the call, and then offer your assistance if they need anything further.

2. Set clear expectations

Set clear expectations as to when you will be following up and how often you will be contacting them. This way, they know what to expect from you and your business. It’s common courtesy to be aware of your customer’s time limits and build a relationship based on mutual respect.

3. Ask for feedback.

Always remember to ask for your customers’ feedback either on the sales process or your product/service. This reassures the prospect that they are being listened to and that you take their opinions into account.

4. Remind your customers.

Your customers need to be reminded regularly about your products and services. They may not remember everything you’ve told them, especially if time has passed since your original encounter. If you expect your customers to rely on your products, they need to see that you are reliable and keep your promises. If you say you will follow up with them in a couple of weeks, then make sure you follow up with them in a couple of weeks.

5. Be Patient.

Customers have many things to do besides responding to an email. Even if they are interested in your products or services, they still have other priorities. You need to give them time to go through the content of your emails and discuss it with their colleagues.

6. Offer a different solution.

If your customer isn’t ready to buy, offer an alternative solution. It’s essential to consider that what you offer might not be what your customer needs. Sometimes you need to provide a different solution to a more urgent problem in order to help them.

7. Check-in.

Once you’ve made a sale, contact your customer again to see how they are doing and offer additional support or solutions if you know that they’re struggling to implement the solution you gave them. If you assume all is fine and dandy because you delivered the solution and didn’t hear from them, chances are something did go wrong, but you just didn’t know about it.

Following up with prospects and customers is essential for sales success. However, following up is not a science, and you can’t just rely on the same process every time. Go beyond the obvious and follow up in ways that will be most effective with each customer. Knowing what makes them tick will give you an advantage when trying to close sales and build long-term relationships.

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