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At Coach-Net we deeply care about our members and whether we are giving them the very best service possible. Consequently, we are always monitoring our efforts, tracking whether our Members are satisfied with our services. Every day we survey Members to learn about their experience with us. Were they happy with how we took care of them? What could we have done better? How can we improve to create a more enjoyable experience for them and other Members the next time they call needing help?

We have an entire team dedicated to monitoring our customer satisfaction and we pride ourselves on having one of the highest satisfaction scores in the market. We are confident in our services knowing that our efforts are not only enough, but even more, they routinely exceed competitor services and customer expectations. Our dedication to providing a “Carefree RVing” experience for our Members was further affirmed by a recent survey conducted by RVTravel.com.

RVTravel.com surveyed hundreds of RVers to score all of the major emergency roadside providers in an effort to determine which provider was the best. They delved deep into the subject matter asking their readers detailed questions regarding the varied nuances involved in emergency roadside assistance in hopes to create a fair and thorough report. While we’re already pleased with our own reports documenting that we provide our members with the best service possible, it is that much more rewarding to see an independent third party survey hundreds of RVers and report that Coach-Net is the best in the market.

We are incredibly proud to share the report by RVTravel.com and deeply humbled by members who reported on their experiences with us. We greatly appreciate RVTravel.com gathering all of the information and working hard to create a fair and detailed report on such a complex set of services. And we are extremely grateful for all of our members who reported on their experiences with Coach-Net. We understand that when members call us, it’s because they are needing help. And we cannot fully express how much it means to us that you trust us to take care of your customers on your behalf. Thank you to all of our dealer partners for giving us the privilege of being your customer’s connection to Carefree RVing.