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A lot of people are stereotyped by their jobs. Sometimes it’s a good stereotype. Teachers are patient. Nurses are caring. Sometimes it’s neither good nor bad; it’s simply an observation. IT people are introverts. Accountants like structure and order. Sometimes it can be a bad stereotype. Salespeople are self-centered. Lawyers have no souls. Obviously, not all stereotypes are true.  You can definitely find salespeople that are not self-centered. While there are plenty of salespeople in and outside of the RV industry that might only be in it for themselves, you will find amazing salespeople who actually see their role as an opportunity to serve others and not themselves. Coach-Net’s top performer is selected by two key factors: their penetration rate and their nomination letter. We care about the quantifiable number regarding how well they sell Coach-Net, but their commitment to the program and how they daily display our Coach-Net values is what’s most important. We aren’t just here to sell products, we’re here to serve people. And that means we seek and value partners who have that same priority. Bob Foster lives our core values every day at Fraserway RV in Abbotsford, British Columbia and that is why we are proud to announce that Bob is Coach-Net’s Top Performer for 2022.

Bob continually seeks to put others before himself. He attributes his success in caring for his customers by always putting himself in the customer’s shoes. When he’s selling his customers something, he’s not focused on how it benefits him. He isn’t focused on what he will get out of it. Bob places his focus on the customer and does everything he can to ensure they are provided for and that they will be pleased with their RV experience. That’s Bob’s secret to everything he does. He isn’t self-centered. Far from it actually. Even though he’s been in the industry for over 24 years, when asked what his proudest achievement is, he didn’t talk about any awards he’s received, any special recognitions he has earned, or any brag-worthy sales goals he has accomplished. When we asked Bob what his proudest achievement is, without any hesitation he said his two sons and his two grandsons. His family is more important than anything. Bob lives for his family.

After being with Fraserway for over 21 years, the dealership has very much become his family. That’s why being recognized as Coach-Net’s top performer means a lot to Bob. But it’s not about the award. It’s not about all of the hard work he has done or how amazing he is at his job. The biggest reason Bob was excited to be named our Top Performer was because he was nominated by someone from Fraserway. Someone in his work family thought so highly of him and everything he does that they took the time to nominate him for this award. They wanted everyone else to know what an incredible service he provides to his customers and they wanted Bob to know they he is absolutely appreciated and valued. And we chose Bob as our Top Performer because we feel the exact same way about him. Bob said he likes Coach-Net because he likes knowing that his customers have a lifeline. And we are incredibly proud to be that lifeline for every customer that calls into Coach-Net needing help. But it’s Bob who makes that valuable connection to the customer. At Coach-Net, we’re kind of like the lifejacket, but it’s Bob who makes sure the customer has that lifejacket for when the waters get a bit rough. Bob’s customers can have a carefree RV experience because they know that Bob truly cares about them. Whether it’s clear skies and smooth sailing, or whether they might hit a patch of rough water, Bob’s customers trust that he has given them everything they might need for their travels. And we are so honored that in turn, Bob trusts Coach-Net to be there for his customers when they’re hit by a sudden wave or an unexpected storm.

Congratulations to Bob Foster on such a successful year. We’re so happy that we have the privilege of partnering with you and your team at Fraserway RV.

In addition to Bob, we want to recognize our other top performers for 2022. Thank you to everyone for being our partners and working hard to help your customers enjoy a carefree RVing experience.